Aitkin County, Minnesota
April 1999 to August 1999

FITZGERALD, W.J. April 1999

Michael B. Fitzgerald

I'm looking for help tracing a lost branch of my family. The last contact was about 1970 and had a return address W. J. FITZGERALD (possibly Walter or William - letter signed "Joe"), box 52 Litle Pine Rd., Aitkin MN 5643.
I need ANY information, leads, suggestions for local contacts, etc. Anything you could do to help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Cheryl Frazier / Hunter.

We are researching our family history which began in Kentucky, moving to Aitkin. The family was known as Pennick / Penick. There were also Straders and other African-Americans families. There is a small private cemetery located on the Dougherty property which is now a historical site in which some of them have been buried. We've also visited your Records office and did some research on birth and death certificates. I believe there is much more to learn and would appreciate any information you'd have to offer. Thank you.


Anne Arner April 1999

My GGrandfather Alex WELCOME came over when he was 17. Which would be in 1909. He landed in New Yorks, Ellis Island. There are conflicting stories about whether he came to the United States with his brother or not. Or if his brother met him in New York. The brothers took a train to Canada and spent years working as loggers. After some kind of falling out the brothers separated and Alex came into Minnesota. Looking For information on Alex and his brother. Brothers name either Toiveil or Laurey


Tom L. Sawyer May 1999

Looking for information on James D. LADD, who was born 7 Oct 1822 in Delaware Co., NY. He md. Rosana McUmber in 1848 and they had a daughter. Rosana and dau. both died in NY and then James served in the Civil War. He moved to Aitkin Co., MN sometime after the war. He died on 4 May 1904 in Waukenabo Twp, Aitkin Co., MN. Was buried in a pasture on his farm, then later was moved to Ft. Snelling when they found out he was a veteran of the Civil War. I would like to know if he remarried and had a family in MN. Any information on James D. LADD would be appreciated.


Sandy Oldman May 1999

Researching BODIE surname...lived around East Lake. Warner and Hilma BODIE. Warner was the son of Mike and Anna BODIE who lived in Moose Lake area..have not been able to find any information on them. Surname ULVI (Hilma Bodie's maiden name). They lived there in circa 1920'-30's. Also surname CROM from McGregor area, my grandmother Mary CROM had a dairy farm near there in the 50's. I have her information but am looking for relatives or friends that knew her.


Teresa Adams May 1999

GUSTAFSON, OLER, NIEMI, LADVA- Looking for info on Vieno Lydia GUSTAFSON born in Beaver Township on 5-23-1915. Married Carl Lester OLER on 7-24-1934. Daughter of John Nester GUSTAFSON and Sanna Maria LADVA. John changed his name from NIEMI to GUSTAFSON. Any info on these is appreciated.


L. Morte

Benjamin and Donnetta Jennette, died in McGregor near Aitkin, MN 3/15/1895. In a trial manuscript their last name was spelled BENEDETTO GIANETTI. He had a brother named Nicholas and a sister-in law named Julia, they were in the 1900 Ramsey County Census. I have come to a dead-in, probably the last name spelling.



Looking for info on my GreartGrandparents-------Ole O. BROWN and Wife Annie/Anna ANDERSON /SAHL/DAHL.
They are in the census of Aitkin Co 1900, 1910, and 1920. 1900 in Glen
Twp and then to Kimberly Twp for the next two. They had 8 children, all born in Minn. Annie's parents are living with them in 1900 and listed as Lars L. ANDERSON born Apr 1830 in Sweden and his wife Anna born May 1829 of Sweden. In 1910 census for Kimberly Twp. Lars is widowed and listed as Lars A. SAHL or DAHL ( I couldn't tell if it was a 'D'or an 'L') He is not in the 1920 census. Ole was from Norway. Children: Louis, Nov 1892 Annie H., Feb 1895 ***note: this one changes in 1910 to Hilda aged 15.
She is my maternal grandmother. Her date of birth is Feb 7 1896. Her middle name was said to be Beatrice. She told my cousins and I a story about a little girl that played with another little girl, one girl lost her family to Whiteman's spots, the other little girl died of the coughing fever. The family of the dead girl took the little brown eyed girl and raised her as their own. Could this be why the name and age change?
Betsey O., Feb 1897; Ole, Oct 1899; Alma 1903 **not in 1920**; Gilbert 1906; Clara 1908;Theodore 1911
1910 census states that Annie and Ole had 7 children and all were Living. When Grandma died (1969) her brother Gilbrt was living in Pine City, Minn and a sister Mrs. Bessie RUSPION (Betsey?) was living in Crosby, Minn. Thanks in advance for any help.


Pat Wilker

Born. Kathleen Emma TUCKER Jan.24, 1915 Aitkin Mn. parents: Ernest Everett Tucker and Grace Emma PATTERSON CAMERON. Looking for more kinfolk of these families. Ernest moved from Iowa to Aitkin. Kathleen (my mother) married Harold L. WHITE in St. Louis Co. 1935.\

NORTHROP June 1999

Sandra Northrop

Looking for info on a Stephen NORTHROP in Aitkin County around 1880-?. Any additional family info like names, places, or dates would be appreciated!


Marie Robinson

I have a colored photocopy of a picture of a couple from the Drysdale photographer in Aitkin, Mn.--late 1800's I suspect. They are said to be Berthiaumes. They are related to:
Delinda (Berthiaume) b. 1877, in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, near Windsor, whose parents were Everaste and Philomene (Poirier) Berthiaume.
I have other colored photocopies of photographs of unknown Berthiaumes taken at the Boyer Bros. photograph in Duluth, Mn., and W. A. Reichel Cabinet Portrait, Red Lake Falls, Mn., all couples, and one of a young man taken at the Johnson photographer in Washburn. Hard to tell if it is Washburn, Wis.,
or Washburn, Mi., or somewhere in Minnesota.
My Berthiaumes came from the Montreal area, through Clinton County, New York, through Macomb County, Michigan, and on to Wright County, Mn. I will post this e-mail on other Mn. county pages.



I am looking for the death dates of Frederick Frank FOWLER ("Fred") and his father-in-law, Leander TOWERS. Both died between the 1900 and 1910 censuses.
I am also seeking someone who would be able and willing to do some look-ups for me in the Aitkin Co. Courthouse.
Thirdly, I am wondering if anyone would know what happened to Winfred W. FOWLER. This young man disappeared after 1900. The family would like to know if he had a happy life.


John Scott

Looking for info on Adam SCOTT, probably b. about 1840, lived in Aitkin, married Sigrid ZAKRISSON (nee JONSDOTTER from Sweden) in approx. 1887. Died

in Aitkin about 1897. They had two sons, Donald (b. about 1890)and Herbert (b. 1/28/1895) who was my father. Do they show in any census records for Aitkin during this time period? Any information on parents, siblings of Adam? I found a Gedcom tree listing an Adam B. SCOTT, son of Jacob SCOTT and Hester BROWN who were married in 11/35. This tree may be a fit if I can pin down anything from census records. Can you help? Many thanks!


Kim Reed

I am looking for any information on Emil (Sarvisalo) Wilson and his wife Mariana Kivesto Wilson they are both emigrants from Finland. They lived in Clark Township MN from 1897 to 1914 and had 10 children

Eli E. Wilson born Jan. 1894 in Mass
Anders E. Wilson born Sept. 1895 in Mass.
Otto E. Wilson born June 1897 in MN
Wilhelm (William) H. Wilson 1898 in MN
Ester E. Wilson 1899 in MN
Ernest V. Wilson Aug. 17 1901 in Greyling MN
Carl H. Wilson 1902 in MN
Authur O. Wilson 1904 in MN
Alfred V. Wilson 1906 in MN
Ellen A. Wilson abt 1908? in Mn

Any help would be much appreciated. I have a lot of information on Mariana's family in Finland but nothing on Emil and most of there children.

p align="left">GRATON

Bob Altrichter

Looking for any information about Melaine (Melinda?) GRATON and her daughter Blanch (e) who was born in 1896 near Rice River. Malanie's husband, Maurice GRATON, died 1914, after which Melaine is supposed to have moved to International Falls area and possibly remarried.
No birth, marriage, or death records appear to exist for either in Aitkin County International Falls, Grand Rapids or state.


Cathy Larkins June 1999

I am looking for Daniel Lozway and Mary (Mollie) Ann Hart Lozway. They had 9 children in MN.
1. Edward David march 26th, ?.
2. Katharine Margaret July 25th,?. Sand Lake,Aitkin,MN
3. Nellie May March 2, 1882.
4. Frances Wilham Nov 30th, 1883.
5. Daniel Edgan March 16th, 1885.
6. Mary Matilda July, 1890 Deer River, Itasca Co, MN.
7. Margaret Alice June 5th,1894 McGregor,Aitkin,MN
8. Daniel Joseph June 5th, 1894 McGregor,Aitkin,MN twins?
9. Earl Bertram Nov 26th, 1897 Sylvan Lake,MN
I would like to trace where Daniel and MarY Lozway way came form. It has been passed down that the Harts may have come from Canada, we do not know where the Lozways came from.


Mike Monninger

Looking for information on Emma (Monninger) Jaques b. 1864 Peoria Co. Ill. Married Ephraim Jaques in 1884 in Dickinson Co., Kansas. Children Francis Lee b. 1887 (famous wildlife painter), Alfred b. 1890, and Emma b. 1899 were born in Kansas. I don't know exactly when Emma moved to Minnesota but in 1919 she was living in Aitkin, Aitkin Co., Minnesota.


Dick Prince July 1999

My Great Grandfather and Grand mother Isaaac Patten PRINCE and Emma Jane GIPSON(?JIPSON)Prince had 12 children in Aitkin,Minn before moving to Iowa in 1897.His parents were believed to be William Prince and Martha Prince and his siblings were thought to be Dave ,Will,Jane and Cynthia. Any information relating to these names will be greatly appreciated.


Jim Scott July 1999

Herbert Joseph Scott b. 1/28/1895 in Aitken, Mn., d. 1/1/1940 in Los Angeles, California. m. Helen Dines, b. 8/15/1906 in Quincy, Ill., d. 4/21/1989 in Los Angeles. Herbert's parents: Adam Scott and Sigrid Zackrisson.


Francee Taylor Haff

Do you show a Carl Taylor and Florence (Weber) Taylor in your cemetery? Also, I am looking for the O'Neils?


Bob Altrichter

Looking for leads about MELANIE (DUBREUIL) GRATON who seems to have disappeared from Aitkin County in or after 1914, along with her daughter BLANCH(E), after Melanie's husband, MAURICE (or MORRIS) died.
Melanie may have re-married & moved to Int. Falls area. A not-so-good source says she may have re-married several times and possibly to an ARCHAMBEAU (or various possible spellings).