Matilda Wheeler is my 3rd great grandmother ~ married to Warren Potter. I found some amazing information about who they were and what they did while in Minnesota. I was wondering if you had or knew where I could find any information about the Wheeler family. From the site I gather she had a sister named Myra married Clifford Cady Knox. I do know Matilda was born in 1845 in Aitkin.

Thank you for your time. Emily


I would very much like to know the Seavey who gave Seavey Twp its name. I am very involved in Seavey genealogy. I would like try to link this person to the Seavey Ancestral Line. If you have the name, spouses name, and hopefully parents name, I would very much appreciate it. Tom Sevy


My daughter is buried in Lansford Cemetery and I would like to obtain information regarding the cemetery, i.e., year established, etc. I was also wondering if you can give me the name of the caretaker. Thank you very much. Lynette M. Lindgren


My great aunt Muisto Meyer from Brainerd told me that a little old man had stayed with Florence Betts before he died. He was almost deaf. She thought he had a twin brother somewhere called Louie. No one knew anything about them. He had worked for a sister-in-law in Duluth years and years ago. Just woundering if anyone remembers him. Thanks for the time. Gloria


I just got a copy of the death certificate for my Great Grandma. Sadly, it doesn't list her entire family tree for 10 generations, but every little bit helps. I have a question for you: she died in 1934 and was a widow. Her husband, Gust OLSON, was alive in 1930 (Census). I can't find him in the MN Death Index in Aitkin County. Did maybe they take him to a nearby hospital in another county? He lived in Malmo Twp and died bet 1930-1934. Was there a hospital close to Malmo in the early 30s? Thanks in advance. Bob Crawford


I am interested in knowing where two people are buried who lived in Turner Township in the 1920 Census: Elmen S. LeVesseur, and Elise M. Levesseur. They used to live in McGregor MN, and owned Big Sandy Camp on Big Sandy Lake from about the 1930's to 1958. They were my Uncle Bud Alcock's aunt and uncle. I found them listed in the 1920 Census, Enumeration District: 4, Page N Reel no: T625-822 Division: Turner Township. District: 6, Sheet No: 32B Enumberated on January 23, 24, 26 1920 by Arthur A. Sullivan ~ Transcribed by Judith Mooney Lindgren for USGenWeb. Just curious. Also, where is Turner Township? Ironically enough, we bought a cabin 14 miles NW of Aitkin MN. Small world! Thank you for your time and consideration. Bonnie


Hello Listers,

Is there someone who lives near McGregor in Aitkin Co. or someone else who has knowledge of the area who might be able to help me a bit? I believe my great grandparents, August and Mathilda Strom, are buried in the very small Lansford Cemetery which is west of McGregor. The land for this cemetery was originally set aside in the early 1900s by a daughter-in-law as a family cemetery. A few years back I visited the cemetery and there were several early family members who are buried there and have markers. Family lore and also the death certificates indicate that August and Mathilda were buried there but there are no markers for them.

On one of the death certificates, the undertaker is listed as Oscar Johnson (in 1927). Their youngest son who died in 1971 was buried by the Johnson Funeral Home, also in Lansford Cemetery. I'm hoping the early undertaker was also of the Johnson Funeral Home. How might I get hold of this funeral home? Have they kept the early records? Is there a burial plat somewhere of this cemetery? Who might maintain this cemetery? Any other information about the cemetery?

Any help would be much appreciated. Janice (in Alaska)


I too have visited the site a few times and found some wonderful resources for my geneology search. I am a third great-granddaughter of Warren Potter and I was absolutly thrilled to see and find information about him on your website.

I was wondering if you could direct me somewhere that I would be able to find information on Warren's wife Matilda Wheeler (her sister was Myra Wheeler who married Clifford Knox) or her father Valentine? or Margaret B Griffith who was married to Warren's son Alfred Warren Potter on Dec 7, 1897 in Brainerd, MN.

Margaret and Matilda are two of my dead ends that I can only recover very basic information on. I know that Margaret was born in 1879 from a copy of her daughter Helen's birthcertificate stating she was 21 at the time of the birth. I have some more information on Matilda like her death date and Marriage date but I'm trying to find out about her parents.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Emily Anthon


I'm searching for descentants of My grandfather's father, John Martinson (Jon Mårtensson) b. Nov 3 1850 in Berg, Jamtland, Sweden. He didn't marry my grandfather's mother and in my family the old folks said that the father of my grandfather was unknown. They never allowed us to talk more about this secret and no one knew about the other side of grandfather's family.

We started to search when our old folks were gone, but we have now searched the churchbooks and old documents and to our surprise it is said that Jon Mårtensson had declared to the church that he was the father of Jon August b. 1872, my grandfather. We also came to know that he married in 1878 to a woman from Klövsjö, Jamtland, Sweden: Gertrud Jonsdotter b. Feb 21,1857. They had three children born in Sweden: Elin b.1879, Brita b.1881 and Marten b. 1883. In 1888 the family left Sweden for USA.

In the passanger list it says that the destination was Seattle, but that was totally wrong as I got information, just a week ago, that the family went to Aitkin, MN.

Today I know this: My grandfather's father John and his wife Gertrude are in the US Census 1920, and lived in Farm Island Township. They had a farm there and together with them are two previously unknown sons: Olof, 28 and Robert, 23. So my grandfather did have at least 5 half-sibblings that we never knew about! He was the only child of his mother. It's so sad that they never knew about this side of my family!

A little comment on the name: Olof is a family name in my family. It was my father's name and I have a brother with the name too. AND my youngest son has the name Robert!

I wonder if there still are relatives of my family living in Aitkin? It would be nice to get a contact and learn more about the "secret" side of my family ~ my maternal grandfather's unknown siblings and their descendants.

Sincerely, Ingrid Wikberg
Stockholm, SWEDEN



I searched on the web for informations about my mother. Her maiden name was Mildred Langerud. We live in Nowray, and the name is rare. In searching I found the same name in the schols yearabokk of 1934, and I also se a lot of other Langeruds. Many years ago I heard that some realtives in mye mothers family emigrated to America,. and I wonder if the Langeruds I read about in McGrath is relatives to me.

"My" Langerud family came from a county called Buskerud, but my grandfather, Ludvik Langerud, moved on to a little town called Stavern in the county of Vestfold, I think about 1900. He became the father of 13 children, and my mother Mildred is about number nine. She later married to my father Anker Svendsen.

If you have have any informations, I wolud appreciate if you wrote med.

Yours sincerly, Terje Svendsen


My grandfather, Wilbur Logan Chapman, was mayor of McGregor, MN sometime between 1900 and 1920. I am searching for information regarding him and his family. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks. Diana Nicholls Blomme


I am trying to find any information about Barney or Bernard Teiken. He came to Crow Wing Co. in the late 1800's. He married Mary Brummer. My mother's name was Adeline or Mary. She was born in 1904 or 1905. They moved to Ogema, In. 1910. I would appreciate any information. Mary


I am trying to find information about the Osberg family. Matt and Martha (Severson) Osberg had two girls (at least) Sarah and Engla. Engla married Eugene Leonard and Sarah married Charles Slover. If anyone has any information about these people, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Ben