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Family Photos and Josef Wilhelm Holmquist Biography

Generation No. 1

1. Arthur Garfield (3) Clayton [Samuel Manin, 2, Samuel, 1] was born 13 Dec 1887 in St. Cloud, Benton, Minnesota and died 01 Jan 1969 in Clearwater, Sherburne, Minnesota. He married (1) Amanda Otteliana Holmquist 12 Sep 1904 in Unknown, daughter of Josef Jakobsson-Holmquist and Rhebecka Ruckman. She was born Feb 1885 Sherburne County, Minnesota and died 23 Sep 1947 in Brainerd, Crow Wing, Minnesota. He married (2) Molly Unknown 08 May 1948 in ?. She was born Unknown in Unknown, and died Unknown in Unknown.

Notes for Amanda Otteliana Holmquist:
Amanda Otteliana Holmquist gave birth to Florence Helen Clayton (nee Holmquist) out of wedlock.

More about Arthur Clayton and Amanda Homlquist:
Marriage: 08 May 1948, ?

Children of Arthur Clayton and Amanda Holmquist are:

i. Ernest Earl Clayton, b. 14 Apr 1905, Unknown; d. 05 Feb 1925, Unknown.
ii. Roy Samuel Clayton, b. 30 Sep 1906, Unknown; d. Abt. 1992, Unknown.
iii. Alfred Harold Clayton Born: 09 Dec 1907 in ? Died: Aug 1975 in ?
iv. Lester Arthur Clayton Born: 17 Nov 1909 in ? Died: 05 Nov 1990 in ?
v. Hazel May Clayton Born: 30 Dec 1910 in ? Died: 30 Dec 1910 in ?
vi. Albert Lincoln Clayton Born: 12 Feb 1915 in ? Died: 12 Feb 1915 in ?
vii. Ruth Opal Clayton Born: 17 Dec 1917 in ? Died: 17 Dec 1917 in ?
viii. Lois Marjorie Clayton Born: 01 Dec 1922 in ? Died: 01 Dec 1922 in ?

Generation No. 2

2. Roy Samuel (4) Clayton [Arthur Garfield (3) Samuel Manin (2) Samuel (1)] was born 30 Sep 1906 in Unknown, and died Abt. 1992 in Unknown. He married Edna Unknown 11 Mar 1927 in ? She was born Unknown in Unknown, and died Unknown in Unknown.

Notes for Roy Samuel Clayton:
A loose leaf from what was probably a family Bible indicates that Roy Clayton was married initially on 3/11/1927 but was again married on 12/26/1934. No information is available on how the first marriage ended.

More about Roy Clayton and Edna Unknown:
Marriage: 11 Mar 1927, ?

Children of Roy Clayton and Edna Unknown are:

i. Donald (5) Clayton, b. Unknown, Unknown; m. Marlene Unknown, Unknown, Unknown; b. Unknown, Unknown.
More about Donald Clayton and Marlene Unknown: Marriage: Unknown, Unknown
ii. Ronald Clayton, b. Unknown, Unknown; m. Suzanne Unknown, Unknown, Unknown; b. Unknown, Unknown.
More about Ronald Clayton and Suzanne Unknown: Marriage: Unknown, Unknown
iii. Nancy Clayton, b. Unknown, Unknown.

3. Alfred Harold (4) Clayton [Arthur Garfield (3), Samuel Manin (2), Samuel (1)] was born 09 Dec 1907 in Unknown and died Aug 1975 in Unknown. He married (1) Grace Haugen 28 Mar 1935 in Unknown. She was born Unknown. He married (2) Della Isaacson Unknown in Unknown. She was born Unknown in Unknown.

Notes for Alfred Harold Clayton:
[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 3, Social Security Records: U.S., SS Death Benefit Records, Surnames Beginning with C, Date of Import: May 21, 1996, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Clayton, Alfred
Birth date: Dec 9, 1907
Death date: Aug 1975
Social Security #: (private)
Last residence: MN 55051
State of issue: MN

More about Alfred Clayton and Grace Haugen:
Marriage: 28 Mar 1935, Unknown

More about Alfred Clayton and Della Isaacson:
Marriage: Unknown, Unknown

Child of Alfred Clayton and Grace Haugen is:

5. i. Dennis (5) Clayton, b. Unknown, Unknown.

Children of Alfred Clayton and Della Isaacson are:

ii. Larry (5) Clayton, b. Unknown, Unknown.
iii. Keith Clayton, b. Unknown, Unknown.

4. Lester Arthur Clayton [Arthur Garfield (3), Samuel Manin (2), Samuel (1)] was born 17 Nov 1909 in Unknown, and died 05 Nov 1990 in Unknown. He married Dorothy Violett 03 Jun 1931 in Bain, Aitkin, Minnesota, daughter of James Violett and Fannie Culbertson. She was born 07 Jul 1913 in Osceola, Osceola, Iowa, and died 02 Jan 2000 in Sartell, Benton, Minnesota.

More about Lester Clayton and Dorothy Violett:
Marriage: 03 Jun 1931, Bain, Aitkin, Minnesota

Children of Lester Clayton and Dorothy Violett are:

6. i. Warren (5) Clayton, b. 08 Jun 1932, Palisade, Aitkin, Minnesota.
7. ii. Carol Clayton, b. 25 Mar 1937, Pequot Lakes, Crow Wing, Minnesota
8. iii. Richard James Clayton, b. 24 Apr 1943 in Aitkin, Aitkin, Minnesota
iv. Susan Clayton, b. Unknown, Unknown;
m. Unknown Sadoski, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown; b. Unknown, Unknown.

More about Unknown Sadoski and Susan Clayton:
Marriage: Unknown, Unknown.

Generation No. 3

5. Dennis (5) Clayton was born Unknown in Unknown. He married Cleone Unknown Unknown in Unknown. She was born Unknown in Unknown.

More about Dennis Clayton and Cleone Unknown:
Marriage: Unknown, Unknown

Children of Dennis Clayton and Cleone Unknown are:

i. Denise Clayton b. Unknown, Unknown.
ii. Colleen Clayton b. Unknown, Unknown.

6. Warren Clayton [Lester Arthur (4), Arthur Garfield (3)] was born 08 Jun 1932 in Palisade, Aitkin, Minnesota. He married Joan Foley 08 Nov 1958 in Waite Park, Stearns, Minnesota, daughter of James Foley and Kathleen Kane. She was born 25 Sep 1933 in Yonkers, Westchester, New York

More about Warren Clayton and Joan Foley:
Marriage: 08 Nov 1958 in Waite Park, Stearns, Minnesota

Children of Warren Clayton and Joan Foley are:

i. Michael (6) Clayton, b. 27 Jul 1959 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota; d. 27 Jul 1959 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota.
ii. Cindy Clayton, b. 29 Sep 1960, Duluth, St. Louis, Minnesota; m. Glenn J. Carpenter, 21 Aug 1999, Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada; b. 06 Nov 1957, New York, New York.

More about Glenn Carpenter and Pattie Clayton:
Marriage: 21 Aug 1999, Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada

7. Carol (5) Clayton [Lester Arthur (4), Arthur Garfield (3), Samuel Manin (2), Samuel (1)] was born 25 Mar 1937 in Pequot Lakes, Crow Wing, Minnesota. She married Albert Richard Long 20 Apr 1963 in Santa Clara, Santa Clara, California. Son of Raymond Long and Mary Jacobs. He was born 20 Feb 1932 in San Jose, Santa Clara, California.

Children of Carol Clayton and Albert Long are:

i. Mary Susan (6) Long, b. 25 Oct 1965 in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California.
ii. Nicholas Clayton Long, b. 27 Sep 1970 in Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California.

7. Richard James Clayton [Lester Arthur (4), Arthur Garfield (3), Samuel Manin (2), Samuel (1)], was born 24 Apr 1943 in Aitkin, Aitkin, Minnesota. He married Joan K. Daugherty 08 Jun 1968 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota, daughter of James Daugherty and Ardis McKown. She was born 12 Jul 1947 in Pipestone, Pipestone, Minnesota.

More about Richard Clayton and Jown Daugherty:
Marriage: 08 Jun 1968 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota

Children of Richard Clayton and Jown Daugherty are:

i. Kara Joan Clayton, b. 17 Aug 1971 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota
ii. Marla Joy Clayton, b. 12 Aug 1974 in St. Cloud, Stearns, Minnesota; m. Tracy Fitzgerald Greenwood, 22 Aug 1998 in Santa Cruz, San Mateo, California; b. 23 Mar 1965 in Hollywood, Broward, Florida

More about Tracy Greenwood and Marla Clayton:
Marriage: 22 Aug 1998 in Santa Cruz, San Mateo, California.

Family Photos and Josef Wilhelm Holmquist Biography

Amanda Otteliana Holmquist, ca 1900
Art and Amanda Clayton, ca 1945

Front: Roy & Alfred.
Center: Lester (Speck).
Back: Florence Helen Davidson Holmquist-Clayton & Ernest.
Circa: 1911
Florence Clayton and her half brothers in 1972

Roy, Florence, Alfred and Lester (Speck).
Ernest was long since deceased when this picture was taken.

From left to right:

Alfred Harold Clayton: 9 Dec 1907 to Aug 1975. (A step-uncle)
Arthur Garfield Clayton: 13 Dec 1887 to 1 Jan 1969. (My step-grandfather)
Amanda Otteliana Holmquist-Clayton: 21 Feb 1885 to 23 Sep 1947. (My grandmother)
Ernest Earl Clayton: 14 Apr 1905 to 5 Feb 1925. (A step-uncle)
Florence Helen Davidson Holmquist Clayton: 10 Dec 1901 to 7 Apr 1999. (My mother)
(Little known of my natural grandfather)
Roy Samuel Clayton: 30 Dep 1906 to Abt. 1992. (A step-uncle)
Lester Arthur Clayton: 17 Nov 1909 to 5 Nov 1990. (A step-uncle)
(His nickname was 'Speck' because he was so small when born.)

Children that didn't survive:
Hazel May Clayton: 30 Dec 1910 to 30 Dec 1910.
Albert Lincoln Clayton: 12 Feb 1915 to 12 Feb 1915.
Ruth Opal Clayton: 17 Dec 1917 to 17 Dec 1917.
Lois Marjorie Clayton: 1 Dec 1922 to 1 Dec 1922.

ca 1923 or 1924

Josef Wilhelm Holmquist
Father of Amanda Otteliana Holmquist Clayton
Written by William Pull, his great-grandson

Front row seated: Hulda Marie Holmquist-Carlson, Amanda Otteliana Holmquist-Clayton,
Josef Wilhelm Holmquist (Father), Ernest Albert Holmquist and Rhebecka Ruckman-Holmquist (Mother).

Back row standing: Frank Emanuel Holmquist, Ellen Fredericka Holmquist-Anderson,
Jacob Emil Holmquist, Esther Augusta Holmquist-Clayton and Eugenia (Emily) Holmquist-Blomquist.

Esther and Amanda Holmquist married the brothers, Fredrick and Arthur Clayton respectively.
The Clayton brothers lived in Ditch Bank, South of Bain and in nearby White Elk.
Fred died in 1965 in Emily, MN. His wife, Esther Holmquist, was born in 1880 and died at the age of 101.
Children: Mabel married Frank Wagner and Bess married George Wagner.
Arthur: no info on his wife. No info on children except for a son Speck.
See also: Descendants of Esther Augusta Holmquist

Passing in Cedarville, Minnesota, Josef Wilhelm Holmquist is buried in the First Lutheran Church cemetery, Section 2, Martin County, Elm Creek Township about 3 miles west of Trimont, MN. According to the Martin County Death Records, Book A, Page 49, Line 3, Josef Holquist was a white, male, married, farmer born in Sweden. He died of Bright's Disease, an inflammation of the kidneys.

Josef Wilhelm Jakobsson-Holmquist was born August 22, 1840. He and all of his siblings were born in a cottage called Fällesbacka (no longer exists) on a farm called Ulfarp in Fivlered Parish, Skaraborg Province, Västergötland, Sweden. He was baptized the next day as christenings were usually held the same day or at the most two or three days after birth. This was due not only to the fact that the infant might die soon after birth but more importantly that a "heathen" baby was very prone to succumb to evil powers according to old beliefs.

In 1855 Josef Wilhelm was old enough to get out and start earning his own bread. At age 15, most children were confirmed and after confirmation they were regarded as adult enough to get jobs as servants. Josef moved to Hyllsås; we don't know exactly where Hyllsås is located but it is not in Fivlered Parish. It probably doesn't exist anymore.

He was dropped from the church records November 12, 1868 and a note in the parish register said he "escaped" which means that he had no exit permit. He lived in Yttern Hagnen in Fivlered when he emigrated. His parents were Jakob Svensson and Maria Jakobsdotter. In the emigration records there is a note that he had a brother, Adrian Jakobsson Ek who emigrated from Sandhem Parish, Sweden, November 21, 1872, and a sister, Olivia Jakobsdotter, born January 6, 1843 who emigrated from Kinneved parish in 1871. He also had a brother named Claes about which very little is known. No emigration records exist for Claes.

Josef Wilhelm took the surname Holmquist in America and lived in Wayne Township, DuPage County, IL. He was a member of the only Lutheran Church in Geneva, (Kane County) IL. That Lutheran Church was built in 1879 which meant that Josef was probably one of the charter founders of the church. In 1879, the church was named Geneva Lutheran Church and it is unknown when the name changed to First Lutheran Church. Josef also belonged to the First Lutheran Church in Trimont, MN where he is listed as Josef Wilhelm Holmquist born Aug 20 (sic), 1840 in Bone parish.

Rhebecka Ruckman was born May 18, 1849 in Fivlered parish. She emigrated from Stromsdal in Fivlered Parish, Sweden, April 17, 1869. She also belonged to First Lutheran church in Trimont and she was listed as born in Bone Parish. As in Josef´s case, Bone was given as the main parish but they were born in Fivlered, which was subsequently annexed by Bone parish.

Josef Jakobsson Holmquist arrived in America in 1868. On 7/2/1870, he married Rhebecka Ruckman in Chicago. Josef and Rhebecka were married nine years before Geneva Lutheran Church in Kane County, IL was built. (Geneva is just across the Kane-DuPage county line.) Ellen, Hulda, Eugenia, Jacob, Esther and Frank Holmquist were all born in Wayne, DuPage County, IL. In 1883, they moved to Sherbune County, MN where Amanda and Ernest were born. In 1894, they moved to a farm in Martin County, MN, one mile north of Trimont, MN.

Josef was always a farmer whether living in Illinois, Sherburne County, MN or Martin County, MN. Both Josef and Rhebecka died on April 23rd --- he in 1898 and she, ten years later in 1908.

Cedarville is one of the "deserted villages" of Martin County, MN. Once a thriving trade center, it has become a mere memory, all of its buildings having disappeared. There is nothing on its site today to suggest a village. The post office was discontinued in 1903.

The village took its name from Cedar Lake. Cedarville was located at the extreme north shore of that body of water, in Section 24, Cedar Township.

The post office was established in 1868 with Francis Drugan as postmaster. Phineas M. Dennis, one time postmaster, kept a store and took a great interest in public affairs and until his departure in 1877 was Cedarville's best boomer. He was at one time county commissioner and ran for the legislature before he left. Failing a successful election attempt, he decided to move.

For thirty years, Cedarville was on the map. It had two stores, a hotel, a blacksmith shop, a wind gristmill and other enterprises. It was a place of great expectation, failing only because the railroads passed it by. The town was a strong contender for the "north route" of the Southern Minnesota Railway when it built through Martin County in 1878. Had this route prevailed, it is likely that Fairmont, and not Cedarville, would be the deserted village today.

When the Northwestern and St. Louis Railroads built north and south across the country in 1899, Cedarville again was optimistic of becoming a railroad town. It failed as the twin villages of Triumph and Monterey sprung up nearby. Cedarville's decay was rapid after that event.

Cedarville was platted by R. T. Patrick in 1892. It comprised four blocks. The east and west thoroughfares were Patrick Street, Kennard Avenue and North Avenue. St. James Street ran north and south.

The seventh child of Josef and Rhebecka Holmquist, Amanda Otteliana, married Arthur Garfield Clayton 12 Sep 1904. Location of the ceremony is unknown. Art Clayton was not yet 17 and Amanda Holmquist was a little older than 19 when they got married. Also known was that Amanda already had a daughter, Florence Helen, born 10 Dec 1901. There first child, Ernest Earl, was born only seven months after they were married. It is not known when Art & Amanda Clayton came to the Aitkin, MN area. But, for some years, they lived in Sault Ste. Marie, MI where Art tried his hand at potato farming and lumbering. This photo is of Art & Amanda and their quarters in Sault Ste. Marie with some neighbors. Their children cannot be identified. This tar paper shack doesn't say much for the contractor.

Top Left: Art and Amanda Clayton
The others are Sault Ste. Marie Neighbors

After their kids were born, it is suspected that Art & Amanda packed up the family and moved to the Aitkin, MN area where he again tried his hand at farming. My mother always said "Dad wasn't a very good farmer."