Contributed by Steve Olds


Bain School 1

Bain School 1 Roster

Bain School 2

Bain School 2 Roster

Bain School 3
Harold Violett is in the middle row, fourth from right.

Bain School 3 Roster

Skyhawk School

Skyhawk School Roster

Olds School at White Elk

Olds School Roster

Clyde and Florence Olds at Olds School, White Elk, 1918

Zion School

Bain Sunday School Class

Bain Sunday School Class Roster

Pat Olds' Dugout

Pat Olds' Dugout

Jessie Allen Fuby and Gladys Seth, Dennie Violett, 1929

Bobbe Megarry

Dick Clayton and young Warren Clayton

Don Olds at James Violett's home in Bain, 1934

George and Drucilla Olds

James Violett and sister Lucy

Clyde Olds

Harold Violett

Harry Olds, White Elk 1907

Rose Seymour, Edith, Goldie Olds, Frank Seymour

Warren Clayton and Don Olds at James Violett's Home

Model T in front of James Violett's home

Wilbur Olds in front of Violett home

Steve Olds writes: "This photo is of my grandfather. I think this home was a building owned by the logging company which was in the area at one time. I was told years ago by my grandmother that when the logging people left they just let their buildings stand and people took them over and moved in. That was how some of the stores and maybe post offices were started. It would be nice to know if this is just one of the front porch stories or if this really ever happened."

Vern (Grandpa) Gobel and Carol (Hazel Olds' husband)

Vern Gobel and Carol

Violett and Clayton Families

Violett and Clayton Families 2

Violett and Clayton Children

Violett home in Bain

Wilbur Olds and Ruby Violett

Wilbur Olds working for Megarry Bros., Bain

Al Clayton driving for Megarry Bros.

Harold, James, Leon, Harlan in front of Bain Store