Aitkin County, Minnesota

Groom Bride Date Contributor
Emmett Floyd Ahrenst Blanche Marie Perkins 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Cole Anderson Jessie Perkins 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Samuel Bailey Margaret O'Brien - Lived in Swatara, Minnesota
Ray & Karen Klennert
Newton Bates Lizzie Reno 22 Dec 1914 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Joseph Martin Becker Gertrude Frances Schwarzbauer 1 Sept 1926 Married in St. Anthony's Catholic Church in McGrath (since torn down)Tara Loftus
Frederick L. Biskey Eunice M. Mather 10/14/1933 Kay Biskey Laatt
William G. Black, Sr. Barbara Ann Hasling 14 Feb 1948 William G. Black Jr
Valno Bloomquist Nettie Perkins 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Theodore A. Bolduc Florence Perkins 30 Aug 1918 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Philip Bolduc Florence Perkins 12 Nov 1919 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Charles E. Carlson Pauline Perkin 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Tobias Carlson Sophia Sinnell(Simmell) 23 July 1897 Richard Gustafson
Daniel H. Christian Doras Caroline Shanholtzer 30 Jul 1936 Married in Palisade
Samantha Farinella
Charles D. Chute Anna Roper - Jackie Perkins-Horton
Frederick Samuel Clayton Esther Augusta Holmquist 09 Apr 1899
Hancock, Stevens, MN
Bill Pull
Lester Arthur Clayton Dorothy Violett 03 Jun 1931
Bain, Aitkin, MN
Bill Pull
Wilford C. Green Helen Louise Fairchild December 12, 1928 See newspaper account below
Walter Charles Gustafson Edith Carlson 9 Dec 1922 Richard Gustafson
John William Halonen Anna Lisa (Hameenkorpi) Salo 20 Aug 1927 Judith Mooney Lindgren
Robert Nicholas Hasling Elsie Mildred Spalding 17 Jun 1924 William G. Black Jr.
Arthur Gabrielson Ethel Perkins 1916 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Otto Helmer Gabrielson Helen Eliza Perkins 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Edward C. Hock Verna Francis Perkins 14 Dec 1911 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Dennis Hogan Matilda Peterson 17 Aug 1908 Richard Gustafson
Edward Howe Marguerite Esther Rosalie Graton 7 Jan 1896 Bob Altrichter
Oscar Iverson Bonnie Irene Schwarzbauer 26 Aug 1943 Married in St. Anthony's Catholic Church in McGrath (since torn down)Tara Loftus
Roy Jennison Frieda Perkins 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Russell Jennison Gail Perkins 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Ernest Klennert Caroline Mickow, 1st
Alice Mickow, 2nd
- His father from Germany, lived in Aitkin County, Minnesota and Wabasha County
Ray & Karen Klennert
Osios George LeBlanc Helen Cecilia Graton 15 Feb 1892 Mary LeBlanc
Fred Lindman Minnie Wallin - His father from Sweden, lived in Jacobson and Duluth, Minnesota
Ray & Karen Klennert
Robert Emmett Loftus Louise Christeen Schwarzbauer 31 Aug 1935 Married in St. Anthony's Catholic Church in McGrath (since torn down)Tara Loftus
Aldege Malovin Myrtle Perkins - Jackie Perkins-Horton
John McGillis Margaret Anna Wedel 4 Oct 1896 Arlene Cox
Matthew L. McGinnis Melissa Loughrey 22 Oct 1893 Mary Hagen
Arthur A. Noske Isabelle Loughrey 26 Oct 1904 Mary Hagen
Emil Pepper Lydia Ann Pepper 19 Aug 1935 Brainerd, Crow County, MN
Kevin Pepper
Harold O. Perkins Ophia Barr 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Henry Watson Perkins Jennie Thersa Carlson 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Marvin Perkins Irene Palmer 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Murle E. Perkins Jr. Evelyn M. Pederson 1952 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Michael Stephen Schwarzbauer Nina Josephine Dutton Nov 1923 Married in St. Anthony's Catholic Church in McGrath (since torn down)Tara Loftus
John R. Smoots Dorothy May Perkins 1917 Jackie Perkins-Horton
Benjamin Thompson Irene Buchholz See newspaper account below
Richard Thompson Orlie Ward - His father, Paul Christian, came from Germany
Ray & Karen Klennert
James G. Tibbettts Mary Ann McGillis 13 Feb 1900 Arlene Cox
George Dewey Wagner Bessie May Clayton 27 Jun 1921
Aitkin, Aitkin, MN
Bill Pull
Robert A. White Blanche M. Perkins 1911 Jackie Perkins-Horton
James Albert Woodruff Pearl Ruby Marcum 6 Sept 1904 Contributor
James Albert Zeese Marion Esther Smith 14 Feb 1925 Mary Hagen


The marriage of Miss Irene Buchholz of Libby and Benjamin Thompson of Jacobson was solemnized, Thursday morning, June 1 (1922), by the Rev. P. H. Kiley in the McGregor Catholic Church in the presence if a large company of relatives and friends. A wedding breakfast was served afterwards at the home of the bride's parents at Libby.

The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Buchholz and is well known here, where she graduated from Aitkin high school and has been teaching in district 91. The bridegroom is a son of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Thompson of Jacobson and has taken his bride to Nashwauk live.

Contributed by daughter-in-law Nancy Thompson

Popular Tamarack Girl Bride

At an informal wedding at high noon on Wednesday, December 12, Miss Helen Louise Fairchild, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Fairchild, became the bride of Mr. Wilford C. Green of Balsam township. Only the immediate families and a few intimate friends witnessed the ceremony, which was performed before an arch of evergreens in the home of the bride’s parents by the Rev. Ole Nielson.

The bride entered to the strains of the Wedding March from “Lohengrin,” played by Miss Irlene Kelley, and was preceded to the improvised altar by her little sisters, Phyllis and Mildred, as flower girl and ring bearer, and her bridesmaid, Miss Hazel Green, sister of the groom. Mr. Green was attended by his brother, Mr. Ralph Green.

Following the ceremony, a buffet luncheon was served, and the newly married pair left for their home in Balsam where they will reside.

Source: Aitkin Republican. front page, December 20, 1928

Contributed by Laura Soleta

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