McGrath High School
McGrath, Minnesota

This information was contributed by Barbara Frank who writes:

"The book I have was found by my uncle in the old family farmhouse where he still lives. At 58 years old, it is kind of sorry-looking, with ripped edges and very darkened. It is very obviously hand-made. It measures about 4"X5" and is tied with a satin ribbon. On the front, someone drew a picture of the school, which has since been torn down. The date on top the front door is 1916, so I assume this is when the school was built."

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Front and Back Cover
"My Homecoming Handbook"

Annual Homecoming
McGrath High School
McGrath, Minnesota
October 18, 1941

Oct. 19, 1941
To the alumni:

You are one year further from the time of your happy high school days and the traditions that you established. Those of us who are here now appreciate the fine ideals that you have left for us to follow.

Today we are happy to welcome you back to the McGrath High School. We want you to enjoy yourselves, and trust that you will get from this 1941 Homecoming the same kind of inspiration that we will get from you being here.

Wallace Rose, Superintendent


2:00 P.M. ~ Parade
2:30 P.M. ~ Games & Registration
4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. ~ Queen Election
6:30 P.M. ~ Alumni Dinner and Reunion
9:00 P.M. Dance with music supplied by Con Welch's Orchestra
10:00 P.M. ~ Queen Coronation


1941: Arvella Anderson, Doris Erickson, Stanley Gilbertson, Margaret Hatfield, Lilian Hengel, Yvonne Laswell, Fern McKinnon, John Remar, Frieda Schoenrock, Clarence Thomsen, Harriet Zimpel, Laura Curtis, Amil Borg, Vallie Foley, Martha Groth, Vivian Hamm, Phyllis Heydman, Mary Loomis, Harold Olson, Borghild Newhouse, Lucy Phillips, Russel Toebe, Lucille Schoenrock, Ethel Schipansky

1940: Aina Carlson, Herman Leitner, LaVern Kling, Helen Dunken, Helen Tripp, Edith Nelson, Lorraine Carlson, Vernon Rasmusson, Willie Krause, Hilton Marchant, Leonard Phillips, John Zimpel, Bernard Loegering, Russel Clemetson, Harriet Severin, Irene Schiparsky, Rosy Hengel, Viola Challstrom, Wilbert Kadleo, Marion Dennison, Edwin Hatfield

1939: Erle Bullen, Vera Dressel, Doris Evens, Eleanor Gilbertson, Anna Krebs, June Lilledahl, Clorene Loomis, Lucille Madsen, Roger Nelson, Gorden Rasmusson, Ella Ruud, Dorothy Schoenrock, Helen Thomsen, Etheleene Windler, Lorene Zimpel

1938: Myron Evens, Violette Hengel, Anna Leitner, Ruth Loomis, Jeanette Nelson, Evelyn Newhouse, Stanley Olson, Peder Otterson, Gerald Peterson, Albert Schipansky, Lillian Thomsen, Ethel Ziesmer, Leo Ziesmer

1937: Margaret Carlson, Muriel Dressel, Gladys Gilbertson, Earl Jeffris, Muriel McKinnon, Bernice Nelson, Owen Rasmussen, Arvilla Schwarzbauer, Signe Treumer, Antoinette Worm, Lorraine Worm, Bertha Zimpel

1936: Fay Bashore, Deete Bullen, Cecilia Genz, Alberta Hengel, Ellen Larson, Myrtle Thomsen, June Torison

1935: Melvin Gilbertson, Richard Harler, William Isely, Ralph Klingl, Albert Krebs, Hedvick Olson, Helen Titus, Anita Toebe, Lauretta Zimpel, Luella Zimpel

1934: Harold Asp, Anna Carlson, Gladys Gehring, Valeria Harler, Marlene Johnson, Mildred Lang?rud, Elvene Phillips, Freeman Ronhovde, Martha Schwarzbauer, Vera Scott, Lillian Torison, Helen Williams, Isabelle Zimpel

1933: Harold Bergman, June Garrity, Dennis Johnson, Signe Langerud, Carolyn Rem, Raymond Zimpel

1932: Fred Bashore, Helen Garrity, Henry Johanson, Florence Olson, Wendell Olson, George Otterson, Anne Ronhovde, Esther Schwarzbauer, Astrid Thomsen

1931: Alice Williams, John Ronhovde, Ida Tatro, Gretta Trafford, Erling Langerud, Lois Erwin, Adele Zimpel, Agnes Mickelson

1930: Earl Bashore, Adeline Olson, Olivia Newhouse, Agnes Isely, Ella Anderson, Genevieve Garrity

1929: Signe Newhouse, Margaret Walters, Clara Schwarzbauer

1928: Gust Weiss, Otto Olson, Edna Ruud, Luella Arndt

1927: Ira Bashore, Marie Bullen, Jean McCrory, Agnes Otterson

1926: John Christanson, Eva Garrity, Grace Schwarzbauer

1925: Olaf Anderson, Ethel Hohn, Manville Olson, Malin Raines, Esther Ruud, Lucy Schwarzbauer, Ragina Schwarzbauer, Alice Spurlock, Leona Zimpel

1924: Christine Christenson, Marion Hartz, Sybil McCrory, Esther Thomsen, Sophia Thorsen

1923: Agnes Anderson, Bernard Fadden, Helen Johansen, Clara Johansen, Anna Olson, Clara Otterson, Helen Ruud, Viola Sharp, Nina Spurlock, Mrytle Thomsen

1922: Bessie Bullen, Evangeline Francis, Margaret Schwarzbauer, Rose Schwarzbauer, Ida Walters, Jeanette Williams

1921: Marie Thorsen, Gertrude Schwarzbauer, George Anderson, Louise Schwarzbauer

1920: Nina Dutton


If you have information about any of the people in the following list of graduates,
e-mail me and I will link your e-mail address to their name.

My mother-in-law is Harriet Zimpel Stemig (Class of 1941). She and her many brothers and sisters all attended school at McGrath High School. If anyone has photocopies of the book, I'd love to share it with the family. Dana.

I am researching my husband's side of the family, including his maternal grandparents, George and Sophie Walters. Your McGrath High School alumni list includes Ida Walters (Class of 1922) and Margaret Walters (Class of 1929), both of which were George's sisters. I believe that Sophie Walters (my husband's grandmother, deceased) is also listed in the alumni list by her maiden name as Sophia Thorsen, Class of 1924, as is her sister, Marie Thorsen, class of 1921. I don't have much info at this time, but plan on developing the family tree, etc. I'd be interested in visiting with anyone associated with the Walters family. Connie.


Who do I inform regarding a spelling error? My mother, Helen, and her twin sister Clara, graduated from McGrath, Minnesota HS in 1923. Their last name should be spelled "Johansen" instead of "Johanson." Thanks very much. Keep up the good work.

Bob Christopherson

Thanks for writing, Bob. I've made the correction. ~ Barbara

Nice page. It was interesting to see some of my family on it. I'm related to about 10 of them so. One is my grandma, Helen Garrity.