Aitkin County, Minnesota

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Surname Researcher Comments
AITKIN Chuck Butler William Aitkin 178?-1851, Minnesota and Australia
ALLEN Florence Allen Aitkin, Bain Twp, Crosby areas
APPELDORN C. Robert Appledorn Brothers John, Harry, Lambertes, and Conrad. Palisade, Crosby, Brainerd
BAILEY Karen Klennert Sam Bailey and Margaret O'Brien lived in the Shovel Lake area and raised their family there.
BISKE/BISKEY This is a surname that I am researching. Most of them are in the Swatara area of Aitkin County.
BOYER Debra Insley -
BOTTILA Alanna Johnson My Great Great Aunt (Hilda Justina Dickson) married Matt Bottila. They resided in Rice River Township and later moved to Lawler.
BRUNKOW Rick Brunkow -
BUSHEY Florence Allen Ely, Winton, Wright, Cromwell, Tamarack
CLAYTON/HOLMQUIST Bill Pull The Poull (Pull) Home Page - Descendants of Peter Poull (Pull)
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DAVIS Judy White Early Aitkin Turkey Farmers
DICKSON/DIXON Alanna Johnson Rice River Township Area
This is my Grandmothers Maiden name. Her Grandfather (Israel) and Father (Charles) immigrated to Aitken County from Finland. I haven't been able to determine the Surname prior to the change to Dixon/Dickson. Israel was married to Mary Kurvinen, and they had four other children besides Charles, Hilda & Ida (twins), Matt & Nallia Dickson. Charles married Hanna Elizabeth Sivonen.
DOTZLER Debra Insley -
DRAGOVICH Jim Malecki My grandparents, Paul and Catherine Dragovich, were long time Nord Lake dairy farmers until Paul's passing in 1955. They had nine children.
DUTTON Tara Loftus Nina was the sister-in-law of my grandmother Louise Schwarzbauer
ERICKSON Jennie Hakes Researching the Frank and Martha Erickson (nee Hanson) family. They were my grandparents. In 2001 I inherited all my mother's family photos and scrapbooks, so I have a lot of information on them and especially the geneology of Martha Hanson going back to the 1700s. Frank and Martha were both Swedish.
FIELD Alanna Johnson My Great Great Aunt (Ida Josephine Dickson) of Rice River Township married John Field. I believe he may be from Rice River as well. They resided in Kinney, MN.
FITZGERALD Michael Fitzgerald W. J."Joe" Fitzgerald, Aitkin, 1970
FRASER Teri Gregg Tamarack - Lloyd & Clara (Nelson)
FREDRICK Mrs. Dale Amann Hill City
GRATON Bob Altrichter Morrison Township, Crosby and Ironton
GRUNDSTROM Jim & Carol Grundstrom-Ganley Aitkin
Gruneklee, Grueneklee, Grunklee, Greeneklee, Greenklee
Tilman Grueneklee Rex & Shelley Greeneklee's WebSite
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HANSON Sue Hanson Mankato
HASLING William G. Black Jr. Robert Nichols Hasling, Aitkin (1901-1943)
HAZELTON Linn Wieczorek Cutler, Pine Lake
HEMMILA Alanna Johnson My Great Great Aunt (Anna Greta Sivonen) married Sakris Sivonen, they had a farm in Rice River Township.
HOWE Bob Altrichter Morrison Township, Crosby and Ironton
HYATT Elizabeth Larrabee Almansor b. Quebec, died 28 Oct 1897 in Aitken, possibly at home of son James Hyatt b. abt 1863.
INSLEY Debra Insley -
JONES Marvin Jones Haugen Township
KELLY Kelly Grandparents' obits on the "Obituary" section, this site.
KEMPENEN Terry Augustyn Lawler, Prior to 1924
KIBBY Patrick Reilly -
KLENNERT Karen Klennert Were early settlers in the Shovel Lake area near Swatara, Minnesota
LEIVISKA Debra Insley -
LINDMAN Karen Klennert My grandparents, Fred and Minnie Wallin lived in Ball Bluff Township in Jacobson. They had six children.
MEADE Rick Brunkow -
MILLER Leanne Kuhlman Shovel Lake, 1912-1920
NELSON Teri Gregg Tamarack early 1900's, Peter & Mary Nelson
OPPEGARD Mark Boorsma My great-grandfather Martin Oppegard ran a saloon in Aitkin (ca. late 1880's, early '90's). He married Anna Erickson in 1893. Since she let him know she didn't care to marry a tavernkeeper, Martin bought a farmstead in Kimberly from his brother Elias Pederson, and made a living dairying and running a general store.
O'TOOLE J. Holt Kearney -
PACKER Florence Allen Aitkin
PERKINS Jackie Perkins-Horton Perkins and Roper
PEYSAR, OLSON Bob Crawford My Great Grandma's death certificate says she died in 1934 and was a widow. Her husband, Gust OLSON, was alive in 1930 (Census). I can't find him in the MN Death Index in Aitkin County. Did maybe they take him to a nearby hospital in another county? He lived in Malmo Twp and died bet 1930-1934. Was there a hospital close to Malmo in the early 30s? Thanks in advance.
POLLEY John Brassfield Polley Family and associated events
RAHJA Alanna Johnson My Great Great Aunt (Mary Louise Sivonen) traveled with her sister Hanna Sivonen to Aitken, MN in 1900. Mary Louise married Mikko Rahja in Superior, WI. They later resided in Floodwood, MN.
REILLY Patrick Reilly -
RIGGS Krishna Wells-Roger Aitkin
RUSSELL James Malecki William and Ethel Russell had a small store in Shovel Lake which also served as the post office. Mr. Russell would take the mail to the train.
SCHWARZBAUER Tara Loftus Grandmother was Louise Schwarzbauer
SIVONEN Alanna Johnson This is my Great Grandmothers maiden name (Hanna Elizabeth Sivonen). Per her passenger records she left Finland for Aitken in 1900 with her Sister Maria Louise Sivonen. They were traveling to Aitken to meet their Sister Anna Greta Sivonen. Their brother Juho Sivonen arrived later that year. Hanna married Charles Dickson and they raised their family in Superior, WI. Mary Louise married Mikko Rahja and they resided in Floodwood, MN. Anna Greta married Sakris Hemmila, they had a farm in Rice River Township.
SPALDING William G. Black Jr. Early Elk River and Aitkin
SUNDVALL Kathy Smith Redtop 1902
THOMPSON Karen Klennert Settled in Cornish Township in Jacobson, MN.
TIBBETTS William G. Black Jr. Early Elk River and Aitkin
TIBBETTS Bill Colbert Looking for Ruth (Tibbetts) Rich, born in either Anoka or Aitkin Co. MN in February, 1895. Her parents' names were Guy Tibbetts and Amy (Lawrence) Tibbetts. They had 10 children, of which only 3 (Ruth, Phoebe and Minor) survived by the time they moved from either Aitken Co. or Anoka, MN in 1902 to Merrill or Spencer, WI. I have some old newspaper clippings from the Merrill newspaper at the time of their passing on 1935, 1936, and 1937, but it's not clear exactly which locations they came from in Minnesota, and which location they first moved to in Wisconsin. I have no specific information about where they lived in Anoka and/or Aitkin, MN, just relative dates and general locations.
TREPAINER Florence Allen Swartara
WELLS Krishna Wells-Roger Aitkin
WRIGHT, SHISLER, GARRETT, THURSTON, PRICKETT Larry Wright My grandparents were Leo and Edith (Shisler) Wright. They were married in 1912 and moved to Aitkin from Keokuk County, Iowa. They farmed 160 acres of rich land just a mile north of the village of Aitkin and were active with the Farm Bureau. They lived on the farm into their 70's. Leo's brother Claude and his wife Averil, sister of Leo's wife Edith, were my Great Aunt and Uncle. Claude and Averil were well-known turkey growers for many years.

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