Contributed by Florence Allen

These are the names that I have of those who once lived in Bain. My husband Gordon’s ancestors, the Lewis Allen family, once lived in Bain. This information was related to me by Grant Ward our cousin.

Many of these individuals were interrelated. I have tried to make this as accurate as possible. If anyone has any additions, corrections or information to add which would make the record more complete, please feel free to send such data to either Barbara Timm or myself, Florence Allen.

Also, if you would like further information on any one name, please contact me as I have access to more detailed information on many individuals than what I have listed here.


This excert from "Beyond the Circle" by Leo Trunt (see previous page) explains the demise of the town of Bain:

"1918 was exceptionally dry. All summer, dry winds blew which made the entire country a tinderbox. On Saturday, October 12th, a devastating fire broke out. It swept from west to east on powerful winds that moved so quickly that many could not escape it. Hundreds died throughout the region . . . ."

[After the fire and the Great Depression] "The township struggled on until it was dissolved on June 10, 1939. The old township hall was sold to Waukenabo Township in 1943, then it was moved to that township where it serves the people there to this day. The forties saw more decline for Bain. In 1942, the mission church of the Hill City Trinity Lutheran Church at Bain was closed. The school was closed around 1950. The depot burned down in 1955. The stores were eventually torn down as well."

"Bain slowly faded away. There are still farms in operation in the area, but most of the commerce goes to towns some distance away. The hearty residents still love the area, and the spirit of Bain lives on."


ALLEN: Lewis and Rebecca. Gordon Allen's grandparents. Came to Bain Nov, 1911
Lewis b 1860 Keokuk, Iowa
Rebecca b 1864 Keokuk, Iowa.
Children: Grace who m Ben Ward (which see), Alice who m Art Christman (which see), Frank who m Esther Mann, Fred who m 1st. Olive Packer and 2nd. Ethel Bushey, Jessie who m Harrison Tool (which see), Leona. m Charlie Clubb

ALLEN: Fred & Ollie
Fred b 10 Feb 1902 in Keokuk, IA, d 30 Jan 1976
Ollie Packer: b 18 Sep 1908
Doris Eileen, b 31 Dec 1926, d 28 Dec 1934.
Paul, b 18 Oct 1931, d 29 Sept 2004, m Margaret Christman 13 Jul 1956 & had two children: Leonard and Doris.

ALLEN: Fred & Ethel
Ethel (Bushey): b 16 May 1908, Duluth, MN; d 4 Aug 1977, Naperville, IL
Child: Gordon b 15 July 1939, m Florence Jylland 6 Jan 1962 and they had 2 children, Rebecca & Stephen

Lived on what was known as the “Allen Ranch” No relation to the Lewis Allen clan. Was in Bain before 1911.
APPLEDORN: They did not live in Bain but lived in Bain Twp on Appledorn Hill - 1/2 mile south of rd to 4 corners on Packer Rd.
BAIN: William and Florence
William b. 1861 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, d. 1952 St. Cloud, MN, naturalized 1908 in MN.
Florence Abbie Parshall b. 1863 in Richmond, Washington, Iowa, d. 1927 in Bain.
They came to MN in 1900
Earl b. 1882, d. 1886 in Iowa,
Florence b. 1884 in Ia, d. 1930 in CA
Wendall G. (twin) b. 1888 in Ia, d. 1964 in MN
Wilmar J. (twin) b. 1888 d. 1941 in CA
Etta b. 1890 in IA, d. 1974 WA
Mary who married Bill Megarry. was b. 1895 IA, d. 1985 in St. Cloud, MN
William S. b. 1898 IA, d. 1908 in Bain
Gladys b. 1905 Bain area, d. 1976 in WI

The 1910 census shows the following borders in William Bain’s boarding house:
Sharin, Antoin b. ca 1859 NC
Rollin (Rullin), Elmer b. ca 1860 Germany
Sherrill, Vance b. ca 1883 NC
Griesdorf, Fred b. ca 1882 WI

BAKER: Olaf, aka "Bullethead" lived on Township line in Bain and also in Waukenabo
Child: Alvin - m Ella Pratt Morris - m Alice Seibert Raymond Verna

BALSLEY: Perry R. - m Lillian Packer in 1937

BATY: A large clan, well known.
Bill lived in Bain, up above Shaffer Timber. Others lived in Macville Twp and East of Bain in what was known as "The Bog."
George had 2 sons and 2 daughters
William of Bain was one of George Baty’s sons.
Came to Minnesota 1902 from NB. The family intermarried with the Biskeys and Baldwins.

BEEBE: Arthur & Cora
Arthur: b 1888 in Iowa, d 1940. His mother was a Schoonmaker.
Cora: b 1894 in Iowa, d 1974
They came to Bain in 1915 They had 13 children all their names began with “L.”
Laura, Lottie, Leslie (m a Bain girl), Loyd, Leroy, Lyle, Lillian, Leonard, Lila, Lawrence, Luther, Leroy, Lee
The family settled in Crow Wing Co. Mrs. Beebe had a brother in the area for a short while.

BENNETT: Sven - 1921
BISKEY: This family went to Hay Point in 1906
BOLME: Oscar & Louise (Nelson)
Oscar, Sr. b ca 1881 in Norway, d 1961 in Bain
Children: Edna b 1920 and Oscar, Jr. d 1967. Married daughter of Wallace and Virginia Ward. 2 children were stillborn.
BOATMAN: Robert “Bob” & Veta
Robert: d 1978
Veta: no information
They had 2 sons, Guy and Bill.
1920 census in Hebron shows Guy Boatman head of household with wife Ila. Daughters Burma and Frances. Living with them are Harrt (Harry?), brother in law, Lena sister, Azzalea niece, Luther "Pete" nephew and Dorothy niece.
1930 census in Bain shows Lena Boatman head of household, Azzalia M. daughter, Luther H. son, Dorothy E, daughter, Harry L son. Lena is the proprietor of a boarding house.
L ived in Morrison/Waukenabo but the family intermarried with families of Bain.

BOVEE Walter & Lena
Walter: b ca 1886 was a RR station agent
Lena: came to the area pre 1939
Children: Kermit b 1909, Walter b 1911, a son b 1914, Maxine b 1917, Forrest b 1926, Gloria b 1929 (Info incomplete )

BROMIDGEN: The spelling is questionable and there are no dates, but they had 1 son and 1 daughter. Mrs. Bromidgen was a preacher.
BRONNER: Adrian & Dena
Adrian: b 1874 in Holland, d 1950
Dena: Joffer b 1878, d 1963
Children: Peter b 1898 in Holland, Sarah b 1901 in Holland, Adrian b 1899 in Holland, Elizabeth b 1903 in Holland, Peter b 1905 in Holland, Nellie b 1907 who married a Mr. Wey, Dena b 1908, Jacob b 1911 in So. Dak, Cornelius b 1913 in So. Dak, Grace b 1915 in MN, Laura b 1917 in Waukenabo May b 1921 who married Arthur Christianson
BUTTERMORE: Lottie who was a church missionary and left Bain in 1926
CATLIN: Alva and Lucy (Orrison) came to Bain from Duluth, MN ca 1915. They had 4 sons and 4 daughters.
CLAYTON Two brothers who lived in Ditch Bank South of Bain and also in nearby White Elk. Fred: died in 1965 in Emily, MN, his wife Esther Holmquist b 1880 died at the age of 101. Children: Mabel married Frank Wagner and Bess married George Wagner. Arthur: no info on his wife. No info on children except for a son Speck. See also: Holmquist
CLUBB: Charlie, m Leona Allen
COOK: This family lived in Waukenabo and Esquagmah. They are interrelated to the Pratts in Bain.
CRABTREE: Rutherford, who was in Aitkin pre 1915.
His wife was Pearl Fossert.
They lived in what was originally the “Caitlin Place.”
Children (not complete): Allen who married a Torgerson, Wilmer, Tina, Florence, Vera who married William Packer
CHORD: Sarena Cord was a widow and a school teacher. She actually lived in White Elk and Esquagama. She had 3 sons and 3 daughters who married into the Clayton and Cook families.
Carl: b in Denmark, immigrated in 1910
Bethel (Dixon): b in Illinois, daughter of Joseph Dixon
Children: Arthur b 1918, William Rexford (Rex) b 1920, Emeline, James and Bennie

CHRISTMAN: Arthur married Alice Allen. His sister was Lizzie Christman. (see Ed Wagner)
Additional children of Fred and Esther Clayton:
Ethel, Alice, Viola and Lila
George & Frank Wagner's mother and father was Lizzie Christman and Ed Wagner. In other wards, Lizzie Christman, who was Art Christman's sister, married Ed Wagner and they had George and Frank.
Art Christman is Gordon Allen's uncle and Alice is his Aunt. Their children were born in Bain: Helen, Lloyd, Joyce, Clifton, and Marcella.

CLAYTON: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Arthur & Amanda
Children: Flossie, M Frank Pull
Roy, M Edna Seibert
Alfred, M Grace ?
Lester (Speck), M Deanie Violet

CLAYTON: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Fred (1877-1965) & Esther (1880-1981)
Children: Edith, B 1900, M Roy Chord
Mabel, B 1902, M Frank Wagner
Bessie, B 1904, M George Wagner
Clarence, 1907-1918
Cora, 1910-1918
Alice, B 1914, M Howard Lambert
Lila, B 1916, M Duane (Dootch) Hughes
Viola, B 1922, M C.L. (Scotty) Scott (deceased), M John Weimer

CLEMONS: Elmer and Wife: Lillian

DARES:Charles b 1879 in Greece - Wife: Michout from Swatara They lived on the corner of 169 and Bain Rd and owned a store, gas pumps and bar - it was known as the “Dare Store.”
Children: George, William, Elizabeth, Donald, Robert, James, John and Mary.

DIXON: Charles b 1881 in Illinois. These are Esquagmah people but intermarried with some of those living in Bain. He built Wallace Ward’s house behind the depot.
Child: 1 son James b 1903 who married to Ward kinfolk.
DIXON: Joseph & Emeline
Joseph: born 1851 and died 1930’s in Iowa.
Emeline (Crasur): 1857-1942, a.k.a. Grandma Dixon. They lived west of the Turpin family.
Children: A daughter, Bethel, who married Carl Christianson. Frank, 1902 - 2001 married Evelyn Thomas of Esquagmah who was the daughter of mid-wife Mrs. Fannie Thomas. Earl Wilder b ca 1916 was also related to “Grandma Dixon,” but not sure how.
ELLIS: The parent’s names are unknown but they lived on Township line in Bain, East of Hwy 169. They were here pre 1918 and they were known as “The Ellis Family."
Children: Opal, Viola, LeRoy, Arthur, Robert, Leonard, John and Ida.
FANN: The family is known, but do not have too much inform. They were from Esquahmah. Olive “Ollie” Packer married 1st Fred Allen and 2nd Carl Fann

GOFF: Jacob N.
Wife: Elizabeth Frantz.
Children: Emma Mae - 1872-1949 who married in 1890 to Joseph Sarff.
This family did live in Bain, but not much info to explain. The “Goff Place” was north of Bain on the Ditch Bank road. They lived across the street from Oscar Bolme.

GEISDORF: Fred, who was born in Wisconsin and William.
Their parents were from Germany. William lived on the corner across from Carl Christiansen and had a daughter Bertha. They were in Bain from, 1910 - 1940.
GOBLE: Lived in Swarta but worked and intermarried with the Olds family of Bain.
GRULKE: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Alvin (brother of Walter) & Matilda
Children: Regina (married a Yoemans), Hartwig, Luella, & Virginia
GRULKE: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Walter (brother of Alvin) & Julia
Children: John, Gordon, Kenneth, Eilene, Lois & Joanne
HACHE: Herman and Bertha
T hey built the Little Red School House. When the new school was built, people by the name of Bromedge (from Hungry) bought it. The Hache family had 1 daughter, Hertha
HALMGRINSON: Ellis & Emeline (Christiansen)
Not much information, but believed they lived in Waukenabo. They were intermarried to Bain people.
Died as a young man in 1914 in a well when digging 4 corners with Francis Megarry who was also killed. Francis was a brother to William, Charles, Harry and Dave Megarry.
HOLMQUIST: Ernest & Anna
Ernest: 1888-1949. He was killed in a farming accident.
Anna (Olson): Came to Bain in 1924.
Children: Albert 1913-2002, Cecil, Harvey who married Dorothy Stewart and Ernest.
Esther, Ernest's sister, married Fred Clayton. Esther and Fred were parents of Bess (Mrs. George Wagner) and Mabel (Mrs. Frank Wagner). The two sisters married two brothers. (see Wagner)
HUGHES: Lived in White Elk but were interrelated with the Kile, Clayton and Kingsley families.

JOHNSON: John & Ida
John: b 1876 in Malmo Sweden, died 1959.
Ida Swenson: b 1870 in Bknard, Sweden and died 1960.
Children: William b 1916, Clifford b 1908 who married Grace Bronner (Clifford bought the Lewis Allen farm) and Walter b 1901.

KEITH: Guy lived in Waukenabo and Morrison. He operated a sawmill - He had 1 son who married Lillian Beebe. They came to the area in the early 1900’s.
KILE: The Kile family lived in Waukenabo and in Little Pine, but they are interrelated with those in Bain. They had 1 son, John. Mr. Kile was killed in Wallace Ward’s sawmill.

KINGSLEY: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Edgar: (1877-1952) married Georgia Knapp (1882-1942)
They came to the area in 1890’s - 1900’s. They lived at 4 corners and White Elk. It is believed that he built the Megarry house and also Holmquist house.
Children: Lemont, B 1903 - D l958, M Cecilia (Oliver)
Erica, 1906 -1993, M Arthur Schoonmaker
Cyril, 1911 - 1951, M Beatrice (Hughes) , child - one son, Steven, who died of drowning in a car accident
Kenneth, B 1912, died as a child
Phyllis, B 1915, M Emmett Hughes, one daughter Karen who married Arlen (Buck) Landrus
Harlan, B 1917, killed in WWII
Hazel, B 1929, M Wendall Peterson (divorced), M John Flannery
Leota, 1919-1983, M Kenneth McCoy, one son Kenny
Alfred, B 1930, M Thelma (Landrus)
Levi, Cecilia and Alfred.

LADD: Many families were interrelated with the Ladd family. In April 1943, Vernon Ladd’s house burned.
LAMKE: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Charles & Pearl (Nix)
Children: Phillip, 1910-2004, M Vienna (Warren)
Ruby, B l912 - M Joe Reich (died), M Joe Jewell
Myrtle, B l912, M A Taylor
Melvin, l916-l985, M Grace ?
Archie, l919-?, M. Immogene Ashton
Francis, B l921, M Eva (Ward)
Calvin, l923-1980
Albert, B l924
Earl (Bud), 1928-2005, M Norma Wiler (deceased), M Sophie ?
Pearl (Babe) l928 - M Donald Welcome
Orvin, B l930
Roland, B 1932, twin
Ronald, B l932, twin, died in car accident
Jeanette, B l935, M Floyd Watson
LAMKE: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Phillip & Vienna
Children: Faye, M George Boucht, both deceased
Dwaine, M Maria
Darryl, M Virginia (Johnson)
Dale, M Karen
Dennis, M Laurel (Fritsie) Hughes, daughter of Duane (Dootch) & Lila (Clayton) Hughes
Phyllis, M Jack Montgomeryu
Barbara, M Ole Olson
Sharon, M Galen Tveit
Harvey, M Nancy Chatelle
Robert, M Rita Holm
Linda, M Wayne Wagner
Karen, M Gary Knell

LANDRUS: Horace & Minnie
Horace L.: b 1849 in PA
Minnie (Blankanship): b ca 1862 in Illinois
Children: Lucinda, Mary who married into the Siebert family, Laura, Horace, Henry, George who married Goldie Shanhotzer, John who married into the Lehrke family, Amanda, and 2 infant children who are buried in the yard. From their family is one of the earliest graves in Waukenabo Cemetery.

LEHRKE: The family lived in Bain and later settled in White Elk. Their daughters married into the Holmes and Laundrus families of Waukenabo.
MARTIN: James & ___
Children of James & his wife per 1940 school census: Alvin ? b 1926, Lillian b 1927, Mabel Russell b 1930, Iva b 1931, Velma b 1933, Ruth b 1934, Miriam b 1938, Bernie Lee b 1939 and child who died 1941-42, frozen to death in bed in the back room
MAXFIELD: Neighbors west of Lewis Allen place.
McANISH: They were interrelated to Alex Welcome family. Alex Welcome's wife was Velma McAnish.
Francis B. b 1859 in Ireland and d 1929 in Bain
Wife: Anna L. Stewart b 1859 in PA, and d 1921 in Morrison Twp, MN.
William b. 1890 in SD, d. 1949 in St. Cloud, MN; m. Mary Bain 1915 in Bain
Charles S. b. 1894 in SD, d. 1947 in ND; m. Bessie M. Phillips 1917, 2 sons & 2 daughters: Jean, Ronald, Patricia & Richard.
Francis "Frank" J. b. 1891 SD, d. 1914 in well accident (see Eddie Higgins)
Harry B. b. 1895 in Clay Co, MN, d. 1983 in Sartell, MN; m. 1st Maude Dilley: 1 child b&d 1918; m. 2nd Bertha Janke: 1 son, William and 1 daughter, Carole.
David "Dave" S. b. 1901 in Waldeck, d. 1956 in St. Cloud; m. Melba Mattison 1926, two daughters, Sarah and Nancy.
Emma J. b. 1892 in SD, d. 1912 in Morrison Twp, MN.
MICHOU: Oney Michou was the wife of Fred Ward who was 1/2 bro to Wallace Ward. Fred lived next to the Welcome family. Much info is available.
NICHOLSON: Morgan married 1924 Grace Breehn. They came to Bain ca 1924 from Chicago. They had 1 daughter, Frankie Mae. Morgan was known as the “local politician.”
NOLLETTE: Leroy Wife: Josephine Ryan. They lived in Waukenabo but were interrelated with Bain families.
OLIVER: Cecelia was the School Marm. (see Kingsley family)
OLDS: They were a large clan who lived west of Swartara and were interrelated with the Baty, Taylor, Violett, Gobel and Jewell families.
OLIVE: William lived in Waukenabo. Had a son Wendell 1910-1995.
PACKER: John & Minnie
John Laurence b. 1873 McLeod Co, MN, d. 1962 Aitkin, MN
Minnie Baisden b. 1881 McLeod Co, MN, d. 1957 Aitkin, MN
They came to Aitkin ca 1903.
Nora b. 1900 in McLeod Co, MN, d. 1926 Aitkin, MN, m. 1916 Herman Hanson
Leroy b. 1901 in McLeod Co, MN, d. 1957 Browersville, MN, m. 1930 to Mabel Cowling
Irene b. 1903 in McLeod Co, MN m. Amos Weber
Doris b & d 1905 in Waukenabo Twp, MN
Olive "Ollie" b. 1908 in Waukenabo Twp, MN, d. 1985 Wadena, MN, m. 1st. Fred Allen, m. 2nd Carl Fann
Levi b. 1911 in Waukenabo Twp, d. 1998 Aitkin, MN m. 1931 Hazel Cowling
Amy b. 1914 in Waukenabo Twp, d. 1982 Florida.. m. Harry Waddington,
Herbert b. 1917 in Waukenabo Twp, d 1975 Crosby, MN, m. Helen Cheney
Lillian b. 1920 in Waukenabo Twp, MN, m. 1937 Perry Balsley
Ellis b. 1924 in Waukenabo Twp, MN d 1986 Palisade, MN, m. 1948 Mabel Stingley
Jerome b. 1926 in Waukenabo Twp, MN, d. 1967 Aitkin Co, MN, m. 1948 Alice Torgerson

PATTON: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Thomas, 1884-1940 in WI, M Catherine (Kate) Holmes
Children: girl who m Langeworth; girl who m Robert Coates; girl who m Lelahy?; girl who m Rambo.
Then they came to Bain and had a girl who m Grodeers Martin, Isla Mae, and Vivian.
T hey lived just beyond the Bovees.
Complete List of Children: Rose, Ruth, Hazel, Cora, Ella, Martin, Illa Mae, William & Vivian (Hazel's daughter)

PENMAN: unmarried
PULL: Were part of the Clayton family. Had at least 2 children. No other info.
REE: Johnny 1867 -1954. (see Seibert Family and Reed Family)
READ: Amanda b 1838 was a widow per 1910 census of Bain. She had sons and 1 was a circuit riding preacher.
REICH: Joseph & Jennie
Joseph: b 1876 Indiana
Jennie Thorne: (no more info)
They lived in Hebron but were interrelated with Bain Families
RHODES: Charles
Children per 1910 census for Bain: Virgil Irvin 1922-1982; Ruth (who married into the Olive family) and Esther
RYAN: a large family/clan in Waukenabo who were interrelated to Bain families
SCHOONMAKER: William 1880-1948. Children went to the Bain school in the early 1915’s. They lived in Bain and Waukenabo and had 10-12 children.
SCHUMAN: Emil & Goldie (Thurston)
Lived on Ditch Bank south near the Clayton place.
Children: Clarence 1923-1941 and Lela
Notes: see Thurston/McQuiston/Perrin families
SEIBERT: Samuel & Mary
Samuel: b 1880 in Norway
Mary (Landrus)
Children (incomplete): Richard 1907, Edna 1911 who married Roy Clayton, Alice 1910 who m Morris Baker, Raymond 1913, Chester 1920 who m Mary Baker, Art 1921, George 1925, James
Notes: Original name was Serigstad. See 1900 census which has lots of info.
SHANHOLTZER: Oren came to Aitkin in 1917. The Shanholtzer family is interrelated to the Launders, Watson, Christian and Emmert families.
Native American Family who lived out on north side of Ditch Bank across from the Bolme's
THOMAS: William & Lucille
Children: Lorraine who m a Stingley, Carol who m a Nieshler <tr>
They came to Bain in 1936 from Iowa.
Eugene: d ca 1943
Sarah Barber: b 1855 a.k.a. Grandma Thurston.
Children: Frank 1891-1944 who m Jennie Rund (lived on the Clayton Place south of Ditch Bank Rd.), Goldie who m Emil Shuman Clinton - died young
Note: See Perrin and McQuiston families
THURSTON: Frank s/o Eugene Thurston 1890-1914 wife: Jennie Rund Children: Ronald, Russell, Evelyn, Robert, Orville, Jeanette, Twins Laurell (girl) and Laurence.
TODD: Frank was a preacher and lived in the section house owned by the Sioux Line RR.
TOOL: Harrison. Was in Bain twp pre 1930. Later married Jessie Allen
TORGERSON: They are interrelated to the Crabtree family, and Jerome Packer family. His wife was Hazel Beebe. They had 17 children.
TURPIN: Perry Jr. & Valentine (Baisley)
Children: William 1927 and Eunice 1930
Their house was 1 of 3 that survived the 1919 Bain fire. The other two were the school house and the Ratko Boatman boarding house which was built by a Kingsley.
Note: See Packer
VIOLETT: William from Iowa
Children: James, Fred, Carl, George, John, Margaret
Note: A large family that intermarried with the Ward

WAGNER: Edd & Lizzie
Edd: 1870-1966
Lizzie (Christman): sister of Arthur Christman
Children: George who married Bessie Clayton, Frank who married Mabel Clayton, Walter and Laurence
The home place was George Wagner’s place.

WARD: Ben & Grace (Allen)
Children: Eva, Erma, George, Grant, Kenneth, Delbert, Lloyd, Marvin (nn Dempsey), Ruth and Bessie
WARD: Wallace & Anna (Reive)
Wallace was killed when truck overturned
Children: Esther who married a Violett, Gerald who married Lilly Violett, Harold, Ruth who married William Violett, Virginia who married Oscar Bolme, Jr., Dorothy who married Ray Seibert, Arthur and Patsy Lorraine
WARD: William & ?
Child: Wallace
WARD:Paul Was a preacher who lived in the Clayton place down on Ditch Bank Rd.
WEIMER: Had a son, John who married one of the Clayton girls. Lots of interrelations.
WELCOME: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Alex & Velma (Jelmaulf)
Alex: 1890-1976
Jelmaulf (McAnish): 1896-1943, born in Finland. Came to Aitkin in 1916
Children: Zelda, Eldred, Alberta who m Harry Hatfield, Janet who m Robert Barry, Donald who m Janette Lamke, Dallas - 1919-1994
Corrected List of Children: Zella, Dallas, Donald, Eldred, Alberta & Janice
WINEGARNER: (Corrections and additions June 2005 per Muriel Kingsley)
Cecil & Edith (Fossen) had one daughter, Dorothy
WINEGARNER: (Information provided 8/26/2005 by Dorothy McKellar, daughter of Cecil & Edith)
Information regarding my parents:
WINEGARNER, CECIL, born October 7, 1902 in Salem, Illinois; married EDITH FOSSEN, a country school teacher from Aitkin, on August 31, 1924. Cecil passed May 24, 1991. Edith passed November 10, 1985. Cecil and Edith, with daughter Dorothy, moved from White Elk Township to Bain Township fall of 1942 to property 1/2 west of Hwy. 169, west of Clifford Johnson's. Daughter, Dorothy, lives in California.
Information regarding my mother:
WINEGARNER (FOSSEN), EDITH A. Born 12-17-1900, died 11-10-1985. Country School Teacher at White Elk School, Four Corners School, South Waukenabo School and various country schools in South County near Malmo.
Information regarding my grandparents:
WINEGARNER, WILLIAM (WILLY) AND NONA. Moved from Salem, Illinois to Lockhart, Minnesota in 1914; moved to Bain Township in Fall of 1916. Wm. died 1934 and Nona died 1970 and are buried Pineridge Cemetery, Emily, Minnesota. Son, Donald Winegarner, was born April 17, 1905 and lived in Little Pine and Crosby, Mn.
YOEMAN: They lived in Waukenabo and Little Pine according to the 1910 census, but were interrelated to Bain families. Children: Steve 1881 MN, Nellie, James, Alice, Erma, Laura, Steve, Kenneth, John 1918-1990, and Bob

per Grant Ward

All of the buildings but two in Bain burned in the Bog fire of 1919 and all who lived there rebuilt their homes and the town..

Art Christman also ran a store and Alice Allen-Christman ran the post office.

The Megarry Brothers owned Megarry Bros. Road Construction. Some of those who worked for them were: Fred Allen, Art Christman, Frank Wagner, William Violett, James & Ray Seibert, Gerald Ward, Ellis Packer and Cecil Holmquist.

The Pink Ward house was the Hache house which was built by the Hache family in 1899.
The Todd house was the RR Section foreman's house built and maintained by the RR.
The Bovee house was also was also the house of RR station agent and Mrs. Bovee was the RR station agent.

The house behind the depot and across from Stewart's and Dion's was called The Wallace Ward house. I have no idea if Wallace built it or not, but his widow, Annie Ward, and family lived in it after Wallace died in 1932 when his truck rolled into the ditch. Wallace Ward was William Ward's son. William Ward was Greeley Ward's brother, making us second cousins to Wallace Ward's kids, among whom were Gerald, Herald, Buddy, and Ruth who married a Violett who had 2 sons. The two sons were raised by folks from Tabernacle Church in Aitkin who had a hardware store and Virginia Ward who married the young Oscar Bolme, he being the son of Sr. Oscar Bolme a.k.a. Okey. His wife had passed away, and Jack Bolme, son of young Okey and Virginia, lived with his grandpa, "old Okey" off and on and went to school in Bain. Later he rode the bus to Aitkin and went to school there. Virginia and young Okey had also a daughter Linda and a son Gary. Gary drowned in Mud River. Old Okey lived in the William Megarry house and was the last person still living in Bain.

Mr. Beebe's and Mrs. Torgensen's mother was a Schoomaker. Mrs. Schoomaker had 14 - 16 kids, but I can't remember all the names. Mrs. Schoonmaker was sibling of either Cora or Art Beebe. So Beebes, Torgensens and Schoonmaker kids are/were cousins.

I remember Grandma Dixon always having moss roses growing in old kettles or boxes on side of the steps into her house.I believe she was Billy and Inez Dixon's gr. grandmother, their grandmother was Myrtle Dixon who lived East of us in Aitkin when we lived in Stace house.

This list is by no means intended to be exhaustive.
If you know of names and nationalities that could be added here,
please contact Barbara Timm with the information.

Clifford John and wife came from Norway
The Bolmes and Seiberts were also Norwegian
Bronner's were Dutch from Holland
Grandma Nettie Ward's folks were NY Dutch
Wallace Ward's wife was born in Germany
The Winegarners were German
Carl Christensen was Danish
The Hackes were German
The Allens, Megarrys and Ryuns were Irish
Alex Welcome was Finnish
Charlie Dare was Greek
Arthur Clayton's wife was Swedish

This list is a good illustration of the origins of Bain
and of many other pioneer settlements and towns in the entire Western movement.

Florence (Mrs. Gordon) Allen Contributed These Photos

The Lewis Allen Family, 1941

Gordon's Father Fred is on the left, his grandfather Lewis is on the right
and his aunts, Alice Allen-Christman, Jessie Allen-Tool and Grace Allen-Ward in the middle.

Mary Bain and Ernie Allen (RR Agent)

Paul Allen and brother Gordon Allen in Bain in Lewis Allen's yard. Lewis is their grandfather.

Brothers Paul and Gordon Allen

Rebecca Allen, Gordon Allen's grandmother, with two of her grandchildren.
This is Gordon Allen's grandmother. Everyone says she was a true saint a real Christian.

Photo taken when Perle Hanson-Northrub was the teacher at Bain School.
TOP ROW, L to R: Art Christman, Rex ?, Virgil Rhodes, Glen Baty, Loyd Ward, Harold Violett, Loyd Christman.
MIDDLE ROW: Marie Baty, Mary Ellen Bain, Mavis Landrus, Lillian Bebee, Lily Violett, Opal Torgerson, Ella Patton.
FRONT ROW: Ruth Baty, Eva Ward, Helen Christman and Betty Bain

School Picnic in Bain.
Some who are in the photo are Charlie Griesdorf and Clifford Johnson on the left,
Rebecca Allen in back row and Nina Thomas in front of her.
Willis Johnson, Lottie Bebee, Alice Seibert, Eva Ward, Jessie Allen and Eva Dixon are also among those in the photo.

Old school house in Bain.
5th from the left is Fred Allen and Gladys Bain in front of him.
Who are the others?

Grace and Ben Ward and 3 of their 11 children.

Cabin owned by Ben Ward taken in spring of 1916.

Mary Bain-Megarry and Grace Allen-Ward