Aitkin County, Minnesota

The cemetery was started in 1891 and the church was built in 1889.
In the past it was known as the Mud Lake Cemetery after Mud Lake and Mud River.
Later, in the 1940’s, Mud Lake was re-named Ripple Lake and Mud River became Ripple River.
The cemetery has also been known as Maria Cemetery.

Being buried in Diamond Lake Cemetery gives you eternal fishing rights for
Diamond Lake, Ripple Lake and Ripple River.

This information was provided by Randy Wall who says:
"Visit soon and see the beautiful cemetery and church nestled near the waterways there."

Photo contributed by Randy Wall

Name Birth Death Comments
Myrtle Anderson ~ See Obituary Section
CLEARY, Anna Oliva (Edlund) 28 Aug 1872
13 May 13 1897
Kimberly, MN
Died in childbirth and buried with both of her children.
Contributed by Randy Wall
Twila Ecklund ~ See Obituary Section
EDLUND, Sophie Helena Edlund 15 May 1882
28 Apr 1899
In my Uncle Erick's diary, it tells us that this was a VERY sad day when they lost her. The whole town of Glory was grieving.
Contributed by Randy Wall
KEHOE, Isabelle (Nickander) Kehoe 02 Oct 1909
14 Nov 1994
Eveleth, MN

Contributed by Randy Wall
KEHOE, William Patrick 24 Mar 1912
Kalispell, MT
18 Apr 1972
Eveleth, MN
Husband of Izzy (Isabelle)
Contributed by Randy Wall
Ida Malmgren ~ See Obituary Section
NELSON, Bessie (Brita Andersdotter) 28 Mar 1831
Hallasen, Medelpad, Sweden
18 Dec 1909
Grandmother (mormor) to the Edlund's buried here
Contributed by Randy Wall
NICKANDER, Mattias (Matt) 04 Jun 1875
Klövsjö, Jämtland, Sweden
02 Jan 1969
Husband of Ida
Contributed by Randy Wall
NICKANDER, Ida Kristina (Swanson) 15 Jan 1878
village of Storulfsjön, near Fränsta, Medelpad, Sweden
06 Sept 1967
I have written a book about their lives and journey from Sweden to Minnesota.
Contributed by Randy Wall
Rev. R. Roland Ritter ~ See Obituary Section
Dr. Mabel Ross ~ See Obituary Section
Brandon Siemers ~ See Obituary Section
Freda Sipher ~ See Obituary Section
LaVonne Smorong ~ See Obituary Section
Olga Stropp ~ See Obituary Section
SWANSON, Erick Swanson 26 Feb 1873
village of Mållång, near Ljusdal, Hälsingland, Sweden
23 Apr 1948
Husband of Mary
He was the store keeper and postmaster of the little town of Glory. He also named it!
Contributed by Randy Wall
SWANSON, Mary (Kolin) 16 Aug 1884
17 Apr 1962
Long Beach, CA
Contributed by Randy Wall
SWANSON, Gilbert 18 Dec 1919
06 Oct 1927
Son of Erick and Mary
Contributed by Randy Wall
SWANSON, Sven Olof (Olofsson in Sweden) 30 Jul 1842
village of Störmortsjön, near Fränsta, Medelpad, Sweden
10 Oct 1908
Husband of Karin
Contributed by Randy Wall
SWANSON, Karin (Ersdotter) 02 Mar 1839
14 Dec 1922
Wife of Sven
Contributed by Randy Wall

Here are my parents, Cal and Betty (Nickander) Wall, looking for gravestones and gold.
We found neither, but we sure had fun trying.
Diamond Lake is in the background.
Mark your ancestor's graves.
"I live, if I'm remembered."
Photo contributed by Randy Wall

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