Aitkin County, Minnesota

The Cemetery On The Hill
by Stacy Vellas

Listed below are all the cemeteries in Aitkin County of which we are aware at this point. If you know of other cemeteries, burial places or family plots, please contact the Aitkin County Coordinator. If you have recorded a cemetery and would like to share that list, we would love to have it on this page. If you can provide directions to any of these cemeteries, we would also like to add that information. We welcome your contributions.

Name Location
Anderson Cemetery Kimberly Township ~ Burial site of Joseph Anderson (8 Nov 1905) and Coborn Anderson (20 Nov 1909)
Ball Bluff Cemetery Ball Bluff Township ~ Est. 1901 ~ 4 miles S of Jacobson on Highway #65, on a hill just past the Carmel Lutheran Church.
Beaver Cemetery Beaver Township ~ Est. 1890 ~ Contact Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church
Bennettville Cemetery Also known as Farm Island Lake Cemetery
Bethlehem Cemetery Bethlehem Lutheran Church, Nordland Township
Black Cemetery Wealthwood Township, 12 miles S of Aitkin on Hwy 169, E 5 miles on Hwy 18, N 1 mile on CAR 25, E 3/4 mile
Big Sandy Lake Burial Grounds .
Calvary Baptist Cemetery Nordland Township
Carr Memorial Cemetery McGregor ~ Also known as Woodland Memorial Cemetery, it is the annex to the Union Woodland Cemetery (see below)
Church of the Blessed Virgin Cemetery Est. 1919 ~ Spencer Township
Coleman Cemetery Located just south of the Maki School location, about 3 miles into Aitkin County. It is also known as the Loberg Cemetery and has 13 burials in it.
Dam Lake Cemetery See Saron Cemetery
Diamond Lake Cemetery Formerly known as "Mud Lake Cemetery" and "Maria Cemetery." Located in Aitkin ~ Est. 1891 as part of Maria Church ~ Many early graves unmarked ~ Contact Diamond Lake Cemetery Assoc.
Doris Cemetery Est. 1900 ~ Farm Island Township ~ Contact Cedar Lake Norwegian Lutheran Church
East Lake Burial Grounds .
Evergreen Cemetery Aitkin ~ Also known as Larson Cemetery
Fairview Cemetery Clark Township ~ Est. 1907 ~ Contact Fairview Cemetery Assoc.
Faith Lutheran Cemetery Near Isle
Farm Island Lake Cemetery Est. 1904 ~ Farm Lake Township ~ Contact Farm Island Cemetery Assoc ~ Also known as Bennettville Cemetery (see above)
Finnish Apostolic Cemetery Salo Township
Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery .
Fleming Lake Cemetery Fleming Township ~ Est. 1912
Forest Cemetery Kimberly Township
Foster Cemetery Wahkon
Glory Baptist Church Cemetery Nordland Township, Aitkin
Giese Cemetery See Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery
Grace Church Cemetery Apparently, this cemetery is associated with Grace Lutheran Church of McGrath, but we have no phone number or address for the church.
Grayling Cemetery McGregor
Hebron Cemetery Co. Rd. 18 between Co. Rd. 10 & Interstate 169, Sec. 18-50-25
Hickory Cemetery Farm Island Township ~ Est. 1900 as a family cemetery ~ Located on Benjamin LeMire farm ~ Remains moved to St. Thomas Cemetery ~ Old markers still present
Hill Lake Cemetery Hill Lake Township ~ Est. 1911 ~ No records prior to 1914
Hill Lake Cemetery Est. 1905 ~ Abandoned by 1912 because of poor conditions ~ Originally owned by a Mr. Gustafson ~ Many remains moved to Hill Lake Cemetery ~ No records exist
Holden Cemetery Seavey Township
Howard Private Cemetery Kimberly Township
Idun Cemetery Idun Township
Immanuel Lutheran Cemetery Wagner Township ~ Also known as Geise Cemetery
Lakeside Cemetery Established 1920's according to first lot sold. Located on 5 acres in Section 16, Lakeside Township. (This information submitted by LaMoine Roseberg)
Lakeview Cemetery (1) Located in Workman township near Rat Lake. Go 3 miles West on Hwy 232 from Sathers Store on Hwy 65 or 6 miles East from Palisade on Hwy 232.
Lakeview Cemetery (2) 1.6 miles south of the stop lights in Aitkin to the Cemetery Road. Left on Cemetery Road .3 mile to Cemetery on Right side. Est. 1903 ~ Contact Lakeview Cemetery Assoc.
Landsford Cemetery Est. 1903 ~ Jevne Township
LeMay Township Cemeteries Harrington Cemetery, Bailey Cemetery, Olds Cemetery
Macville Cemetery Located on the east side of US highway 169, 6 miles S of Hill City ~ Macville Township
Malmo Cemetery Malmo Township
Morrison Cemetery Morrison Township
Ostlund Cemetery Seavey Township
Pine Grove Cemetery Logan Township ~ Palisade, S of town along the Mississippi River
Pine Needle Cemetery Behind Grace Lutheran Church N of McGregor
Pliny Cemetery McGrath, Pliny Township
Rabbit Lake Cemetery Glen Township ~ Est. 1900 ~ Most graves unmarked ~ Cemetery in ruins by 1940 ~ According to Roxy Appel Wigton, Glen Town Clerk, this cemetery, where her father is buried, is located near Rabbit Lake off HWY 47 and is now beautiful and peaceful.
Redtop Cemetery Idun Township: On the east side of County Rd 60 (270th Ave) just about 1/2 mile south of MN 18.
Rice Lake Cemetery McGregor
Rice River Cemetery Rice River Township
Riverside Cemetery Morrison Township
Round Lake Cemetery Shamrock Township
St. Anthony Cemetery Williams Township
St. James Catholic Cemetery Aitkin
St. John's Lutheran Cemetery Aitkin
St. Thomas Cemetery Aitkin ~ Land deeded to Roman Catholic Diocese of Duluth in 1890 by Thomas R. Foley
Salo Cemetery Salo Township ~ Also known as Finnish Evangelist Cemetery
Sandy Lake Burial Grounds .
Saron Cemetery Est. 1900 for the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Saron Church of Kimberly ~ Glen Township ~ Also known as Dam Lake Cemetery
Shamrock Cemetery Also known as Pine Needle Grove Cemetery
Sheriff Lake Cemetery Spaulding Township
Shovel Lake Cemetery On a hill on the north side county road 67 near where the former Soo Line tracks cross the road
Spencer Cemetery Spencer Township
Sunset Cemetery Isle
Swan River Logging Cemetery Located in Aitkin County just north of the Swan River on the west side of the railroad grade where it meets the high ground or the edge of the flood plain. It is said to contain seven graves of which a few are Indian.
Tscgubeganig Cemetery For location see "Minnesota's Big Sandy Lake" by Evan A. Hart
Union Woodland Cemetery Located 1/2 mile south of the city of McGregor on County Road 8

Verdon Cemetery Verdon Township
Wagner Township Cemetery Wagner Township ~ East/West Hwy 18 between North/South Hwy 65 and Hwy 61, to Giese, turn south, go 1 mile on dirt road, cemetery located on right
Waukenabo Cemetery Waukenabo Township

by Stacy Vellas

'Way up in northern Minnesota
In the land of the spruce and pine,
My grandfather secured a homestead
Near the Aitkin County line.

He left his work on the railroad
Back in nineteen hundred and one.
He headed north with a wagonload,
His wife, his daughter and son.

He cleared out trees for a garden
And put the plow to the land.
They worked together side by side
She a woman; he a man.

He built a house and a hay barn
And removed the rocks by hand.
Four children survived, the two that died
They buried on a small plot of land.

I never knew my grandmother.
She died before I was born.
But, my mother often spoke of her
And I wished she wasn't gone.

She had leakage of the heart
But the cattle still had to be fed.
She was fifty-four when she died.
"Her heart stopped," My mother said.

In a plain pine box she was buried
That he made with his own hand.
He carried her up the hill to her children
And laid her to rest on his land.

As a child I'd often pass by her grave
On my way to the spring by the lake.
I'd stand by the fence and look in on her
Where the wild roses grew on her grave.

The homestead again is planted in pine.
Reforested by the state.
And the wind passes over a plot of land
In a small fence without a gate.

And there in the meadow on the hill
Where tall grass grows in the spring.
Three lonely little graves remain
Where the robins and bluebirds sing.

copyright 1994 Stacy Vellas

Stacy's Grandparents
George and Cora (Tull) Harrington
on their wedding day.

The Harrington Grave

Stacy writes: "During my childhood years that cemetery on the hill was a very pleasant place. I knew the story of my Grandmother and her children and I knew she had meant a lot to her children. The wild roses had a gentle odor when I stopped to look in on her. So, for all my life cemeteries have been a look into history for me ~ a special place where special people that once lived now rest forever. Every few years we go back and care for their graves and it is a pleasant journey back in time."


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