This is the first Lakeview Cemetery listed.
Located in Workman township near Rat Lake.
Go 3 miles West on Hwy 232 from Sathers Store on Hwy 65
or 6 miles East from Palisade on Hwy 232.
Aitkin County, Minnesota

This photograph was contributed by Ray and Karen Klennert

Michael Baker ~ See Obituary Section
Beauchem, Kyle 'Buddy'Nov. 3, 1984Dec. 24, 2002age 18, f: Kevin Houghton, m: Sandy, bu: 27 Dec 2002
Bilyeu, F.S.18701910Ray and Karen Klennert
Bilyeu, Nellie19061981Ray and Karen Klennert
Bilyeu, Esther Renaud19021950Ray and Karen Klennert
Bilyeu, Caroline18721945Ray and Karen Klennert
Sara Ethelyn Bonneville ~ See Obituary Section
Armund Botz ~ See Obituary Section
Gustafson, Otto18671936Ray and Karen Klennert
Halvorson, LyleMarch 1, 1939Oct. 13, 2002Ray and Karen Klennert
Johanesohn, Robert10/Oct/185427/Feb/1939Ray and Karen Klennert
Johanesohn, Ursula4/Aug/18672/Aug/1944Ray and Karen Klennert
Walter Johnson ~ See Obituary Section
Ostman, Oscar Jr.19/Feb/188928/Jan/1911Ray and Karen Klennert
Barbara Scharrer ~ See Obituary Section
Ella Schilla ~ See Obituary Section
Margaret Swanson ~ See Obituary Section
Mary Swanson ~ See Obituary Section
Bernard Thompson ~ See Obituary Section
Tow, Andrew18851971Ray and Karen Klennert
Ware, Byron "Barney"29/Mar/190210/Oct/2002Ray and Karen Klennert
Vernon Weihe ~ See Obituary Section
Lorrayne Wikelius ~ See Obituary Section

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