This is the second Lakeview Cemetery listed.
1.6 miles south of the stop lights in Aitkin to the Cemetery Road.
Left on Cemetery Road .3 mile to Cemetery on Right side.
Aitkin County, Minnesota

BOND, Bessie (Edlund)11 Nov 187516 Aug 1901Randy Wall
BOORSMA, Hulda (nee Oppegard)19031991Mark Boorsma
(her grandson)
BOORSMA, Cornelius18951955Mark Boorsma
(his grandson)
DAVIS, Sam17 Nov 188123 Sept 1941Judy Wallis White
Sarah Fossen ~ See Obituary Section
Donald Hatcher ~ See Obituary Section
HAUGEN, Caroline
(Hulda Boorsma's aunt,
her mother Anna's sister)
18701955Mark Boorsma
HAUGEN, Manfred Gerald (Jim)13 Oct 190226 Dec 1942Randy Wall
HAUK, JaniceApr. 8, 1936Dec. 24, 2002Ray and Karen Klennert
Murel Jolly ~ See Obituary Section
Garnet Kast ~ See Obituary Section
LARSSON, Johannes26 Jun 188813 Dec 1927Randy Wall
LINDMAN, Connie Jean (nee Hamilton)13 March 1966
Mpls, MN. Hennepin Co.
24 Sept 1990
Aitkin, MN. Aitkin Co.
Parents: Mary & Ken Hamilton
Mary Hamilton
Luella Lundquist ~ See Obituary Section
OPPEGARD, Martin Albert
(Hulda Boorsma's older brother,
died in infancy)
21 Jan 189402 March 1895Mark Boorsma
(Hulda Boorsma's uncle,
her father Martin's brother)
11 Oct 186824 Jan 1905Mark Boorsma
PEPPER, Ester Dangelnt 12 Jan 1872
East Prussia, Germany
14 May 1948
Aitkin, MN
Married 18 Dec 1896 in Germany
Kevin Pepper
PEPPER, Ludwig 18 Aug 1872
11 Oct 1957
Aitkin, MN
Married 18 Dec 1896 in Germany
Kevin Pepper
Polley Family Gravesites
SERGENT, Alfhild (Nickander)03 Sep 190608 Dec 1985Randy Wall
SERGENT, Andrew (Andy) Martin29 Aug 190518 Apr 1965Alfhild's husband
Randy Wall
SJÖDIN, Olaf Herman21 Oct 1877
Husband of Signa
Randy Wall
Roy Sobiela ~ See Obituary Section
SJÖDIN, Signa Marie (Nystrom) Anderson15 Jul 1886
Monksford, Värmland, Sweden
22 Sep 1969
San Bernardino, CA
Wife of Olaf
Randy Wall
SPALDING, John Luther 23 Nov 1858 1 May 1953William G. Black Jr.
SPALDING, Anise Aitkin28 Aug 1864 3 Nov 1953William G. Black Jr.
Hannah Tibbetts ~ See Obituary Section
TIBBETTS, Nathaniel21 Mar 1825 1 Apr 1899William G. Black Jr.
TIBBETTS, Susan C.17 Oct 183016 Jan 1875William G. Black Jr.
TIBBETTS, James Warren4 Sep 1822 Nov 1905William G. Black Jr.
TIBBETTS, Bartemus W.1866 1919William G. Black Jr.
TIBBETTS, James Giles 18621930William G. Black Jr.
TIBBETTS, Donald M. 19021974William G. Black Jr.
TIBBETTS, Mary A.18811971William G. Black Jr.
Dora Tibbetts ~ See Obituary Section
Gust Villnow ~ See Obituary Section
Dianne Virginia ~ See Obituary Section
June Weihe ~ See Obituary Section
Frank Woodrow ~ See Obituary Section
WRIGHT, Leo--Larry Wright, grandson
WRIGHT, Edith (Shisler)--Larry Wright, grandson
WRIGHT, Claude--Great uncle of Larry Wright
WRIGHT, Averil (Shisler)--Great aunt of Larry Wright
Leo and Claude were brothers and they married two sisters, Edith and Averil. Leo and Edith m. in 1912, moved to Aitkin from Keokuk County, Iowa, were farmers and were active with the Farm Bureau and Claude and Averil became well known turkey growers for many years.
ZEESE, Albert 1 Nov 1861 7 Oct 1952William G. Black Jr.
ZEESE, Bertha Grace 6 Jun 187215 Dec 1935William G. Black Jr
Michael Zilverberg ~ See Obituary Section

Photo contributed by Larry Wright, grandson of Leo and Edith Wright.
Larry writes: "My brother and I used to go fishing/swimming at the back end of Lakeview Cemetery in Pickerel Lake."

The following information was contributed by
John Brassfield and was taken from Evelyn White's "Polley Family Book." The notes and the research are all hers.

excerpt from Evelyn White's
"Polley Family Book"

In July, 1986, we had occasion to travel to the little town of Aitkin, Minnesota, to do research on the John C. Polley family.

(Text continues, and then:)

We than traveled to the Lakeview Cemetery, Aitkin. it is located about 5 miles east of Aitkin on Cemetery Road. Not knowing if the graves of the Polley family were located the this cemetery, we were were pleased to find two caretakers cutting the grass. They eagerly told us many stories about the early days of Aitkin. And we're equally excited when we did locate the grave of John C. Polley and his son, J. Charles Polley.

John writes: "A page nearby shows pictures of the John C. Polley marker, with his name on one side and J. Charles Polley on another side. The following notes are shown:"

Lakeview Cemetery, Cemetery Rd., Aitkin Minnesota. Owned and operated by the Aitkin Lee Post Aux. American Legion, Mr. Tibbets, Caretaker.

Polley grave is located about half way back of the cemetery, on the middle of the 3 roads. Stone is about five ft. tall. The caretaker thought that this cemetery was not here in 1886 and that the stone had probably been moved here from the earlier cemetery in the center of Aitkin. Stone is pink granite with a polished granite base.

John C. Polley Died Sept. 26, 1886 AE. 60 YRS, 7 MOS. and 10 DS

J. Charles Polley Died Sept 26, 1886 AE. 18 YRS, 6 MOS, and 20 DS

Although the stone does not show it, from her obituary, we know that the wife of John Cutter Polley, Amanda Korn Polley was buried in the plot after her death August 8, 1896.

Elsie Haselling is Secretary of Lakeview Cemetery Assoc.

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