School District No. 5
Northland Township
Aitkin Co., Minn.
Sept. 23, 1903 ~ Dec. 11, 1903

Lura O'Donaghue, Teacher
Wm. Norden, Clerk
F. O. Bodin, Director
P. M. Hellman, Treasurer

Names of Pupils

Hannah BodinFred BodinInga Peterson
Selmer BodinEdward BodinIda Hellman
Hulda HellmanSophy HellmanEsther Edlund
Alma EdlundEmma EklundJennie Larson
Martha EklundEric EklundHulda Nickander
Minnie NickanderEmil KallyEmil Lingroth
Mary Lingroth~Bessie Nickander

Contributed by Randy Wall

These photos are of my Great Uncle's Store and Post Office, in Glory.
They were taken from a page in my book about my ancestors in Aitkin County.
You are looking at the Glory store and home of the Erick O. Swanson family. Erick is holding the horses. Also, the children on the porch are little Swansons. We don't know who's in the front of the wagon, but we think that Grandma Swanson (Karin) is in back with a Swanson child. One thing for certain, there is strong Swedish coffee on the stove in the summer kitchen (the little building in the middle).

Contributed by Randy Wall, who writes:

Kjel Nickander's farm, Glory, in Nordland Township. 1887
This was my Great Grandfather's farm. The day the picture was taken must have been wash day.

Contributed by Randy Wall, who writes:

Randy's Great Grandfather, Kjel Nickander, with his horses,
King and Queenie

This was a gathering of the Nickanders, the Kellys, and the Sjödins at the Kjel Nickander farm at Glory, Aitkin Co, MN, 1908.

Pictured here are the three brothers that came to American from Klövsjö, Jämtland, Sweden: Kjel, Olof Kelly and Paul Nickander.

1. Victor Sjodin2. Olof Kelly
3. Emil Kelly4. George Sjodin
5. Andrew Peterson6. Brynolf Peterson
7. Anna Forslund (Ida Nickander Forslund's Sister-in-Law)8. Anna Kelly
9. Christie Olson10. Viola Olson (Ecklund)
11. Matt Nickander12. Jonas Kelly
13. Bert Nickander14. Olof Kelly
15. Paul Nickander16. Kjel Nickander
17. Ruth Peterson18. Anna Nickander
19. Alfhild Nickander20. Ida (Swanson) Nickander
21. Ella Forslund (Halvorson)22. Hulda Nickander (Dahlgren)
23. Oscar Forslund24. Ole Olson
25. Ida Nickander (Forslund)26. Ruth Forslund (Taylor)
27. Edythe Forslund (Berggren)28. Martha Nickander
29. Anna Kelly30. Maggie Malberg
31. Anna Sjodin32. Anna (Nickander) Peterson
33. Anna Peterson (Behning)34. Clarence Olson
35. Arnold Olson36. Bertha (Birdie) Olson (Sjodin)
37. Myrtle Forslund (Hanson)38. Emma Nickander (Lindahl)
39. Esther Nickander (Larson-Sandstrom)40. Minnie Nickander (Olson)