Contributed by Stacy Vellas

This school was not in the town of Shovel Lake but outside of the town and on the west side of the north/south road which separates Cass County and Aitkin County. I have included it here because the children from Shovel Lake attended this school.

I have not published the birthdates and ages of the following people in order to protect the living from identity thieves. Consider the recent scandal in which 30,000 people have had their credit cards accessed and have been robbed of millions of dollars. If you need this information, send a request to Barbara.

NameSexParent Post Office
Carlson, AlvinMCarlson, AlvinSwatara
Carlson, BernardMCarlson, CharleySwatara
Carlson, DonaldMCarlson, CharleySwatara
Carlson, GeraldineFCarlson, AlvinSwatara
Carlson, JaniceFCarlson, AlvinSwatara
Carlson, JudithFCarlson, AlvinSwatara
Carlson, ViolaFCarlson, CharleySwatara
Dropps, DorisFDropps, MikeSwatara
Dropps, FloydMDropps, MikeSwatara
Dropps, HerbertMDropps, MikeSwatara
Hawk, AliceFHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Hawk, SelmaFHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Hawk, VelmaFHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Hawk, WilbertMHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Hawk, WilburMHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Hawk, WilfordMHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Hawk, WilmaFHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Hawk, WilmerMHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Hawk, ZelmaFHawk, WilsieShovel Lake
Kelly, GordonMKelley, RalphShovel Lake
O'Brien, CharlesMO'Brien, MelvinShovel Lake
O'Brien, DanielMO'Brien, MelvinShovel Lake
O'Brien, DorothyFO'Brien, MelvinShovel Lake
O'Brien, EugeanMO'Brien, MelvinShovel Lake
O'Brien, HaroldMO'Brien, MelvinShovel Lake
O'Brien, HelenFO'Brien, MelvinShovel Lake
O'Brien, JosephMO'Brien, MelvinShovel Lake
O'Brien, LorettaFO'Brien, Melvin Shovel Lake
O'Brien, MaryFO'Brien, MelvinShovel Lake

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