This information was contributed by William G. Black, Jr. who writes:

Spalding township was named in honor of my great-grandfather, John Luther Spalding. John was born in Cleveland, OH, on 23 Nov 1858. He came to Aitkin from the Dakota Territory in 1881 to be the druggist at Potter's store. Being the first and only druggist in town, he prescribed for the sick and also pulled teeth, and was known as "Doc." On 17 Oct 1884, he married Anise Aitkin Tibbetts who was born in Aitkin. John was county treasurer for 18 years and was secretary of the Aitkin Light and Water Commission for 25 years. He was also the Justice of the Peace, coroner, and sold real estate and insurance. His children were Lester, Lawrence, Nat, John W., Lela (Mrs. Champ Bolsinger) and Elsie (Mrs. Robert Nicholas Hasling). He died in Aitkin on 1 May 1953.

[From "Minnesota Geographic Names," by Warren Upham, Minnesota Historical Society: St. Paul, 1920, p. 17; and "Who's Who in Minnesota," Minnesota Editorial Association, Minneapolis: 1941, p. 227]

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